The Visitor

Something is on the ship.

Alright, I think it’s over now. Something happened. We both got woken up from sleep prematurely. The computer detected something and got us up. Emergency wakings cause intense headaches – as I now know from personal experience – so much of what happened was a bit of a blur.

First thing I noticed upon getting out of the sleeping pod was that the alarm was blaring. It shut off a few moments later – she did it, I later found out – and I started making my way toward the starship. On my way, I felt it. I felt a presence. Can you really feel something like that? Have you ever felt like something or someone was watching you? It’s a surreal feeling. I felt it, in the hallway, just outside my ship. Something was there.

I fell back into the ship and shut the door. The feeling went away immediately. It was in there. Inside the starship.

She called me and asked why I shut my door. I must have sounded like an idiot trying to explain what I was feeling. Then, she said she was tracking movement in the ship. Cameras weren’t picking up anything, but something was warm in there. I looked it up on the computer and saw it. Some shape, some heat source, was moving about.

Then she screamed. She felt it too. She was in the starship. She just said, “It’s here.” And then, nothing but silence. I freaked out! I opened the door and flew down the hallway towards the bridge. There she was, sobbing in the corner. I could feel it again. It was here in the room with me.

I tried to be brave and strong. I told it to go away. It didn’t. It was meandering around our ship, completely invisible and intangible. I felt its heat as it passed me by. I stretched out my hands to touch it, but there was nothing there but warmth. We don’t know why, but we couldn’t interact with our visitor in any way.

And then, it just left. It disappeared. Heat sensors didn’t pick up anything else at all.

We’re alone again.

We’re both really bothered by our visitor, so we decided to stay together. She’s sleeping in the pod next to mine right now and I’m going back to sleep in just a minute. Somehow, I feel better knowing that she’s here. If someone else breaks into our ship, at least we can tackle the problem together.