The tale of four Korok heroes who have to overcome a great new trial and take a golden Deku seed to the derelict and long-forgotten Forest Temple.

Table of Contents

  1. Legendary Koroks
    1. Maku the Great
    2. Zuki the Tricky
    3. Chio the Incredible
    4. Tasho the Brave
  2. Synopsis
    1. Part 1 – The Lost Woods
    2. Part 2 – The Forest Temple
    3. Epilogue

Legendary Koroks

Maku the Great

Maku is the strongest fighter of the four Koroks. He carries a longsword, shield, and a bow. The Great Deku Tree entrusts him with the Golden Deku Seed, along with a charge to not show it off to anyone. Maku is very impulsive and has trouble with this task, usually offering far too much information far too often. Despite this, he is a helpful member of the team and very capable in combat.

Zuki the Tricky

Zuki is a fun-loving Korok who greatly enjoys playing tricks on her friends. She absolutely loves turning over rocks and collecting bugs. Her magic is mostly in healing. She also has the ability to conjure weapons to fight monsters. Her spiritual weapons take the shape of very large pinwheels.

Chio the Incredible

The shyest member of the team, Chio often spent the beginning of the quest hiding from people and avoiding contact. After she met her fellow Legendary Koroks, she came out of her shell and proved herself a very brave and powerful member of the team. Her magic is granted to her directly through the Great Deku Tree. Her magic can turn enemies into flowers.

Tasho the Brave

Unlike the other Koroks, Tasho does not live up to his title. He is very scared and timid, and sometimes a little forgetful. As the Koroks journey through the forest, he tries very hard to be brave for his friends. This sometimes puts him into dangerous situations and his friends may need to help him. Nevertheless, he eventually finds his bravery and helps cleanse the Forest Temple.


Part 1 – The Lost Woods

This is the tale of four Koroks who, after completing their Korok Trials, went on a grand adventure across the forest to become renowned and distinguished among all Korok-kind. This is the tale of the Legendary Korok Trial.

Maku the Great, a strong but impulsive warrior.

Zuki the Tricky, a silly and witty healer carrying a large pinwheel.

Chio the Incredible, a powerful and shy magician.

Tasho the Brave, a musician who doesn’t always live up to his title.

The Great Deku Tree summoned the four Koroks and told them the mission for the legendary trial. North of the Korok Forest is the once-sacred Forest Temple, a place of reverence for the Goddess Hylia. Many years ago, the temple was overtaken by evil and fell to darkness. A golden deku seed planted in the oratory would cleanse it. The Great Deku Tree gave the four Koroks the seed and his blessing.

Before they left the forest, they spoke with some of their friends. The complimented Fito, a developing artist, on his drawings and he gave them a map through the Lost Woods. His map pointed out a secret that he found while traveling: Fito knew the location of the Great Fairy’s spring. Another Korok, young Weebo, had found a red potion and wanted to give it to the legendary Koroks, but only if they told him a story. Zuki obliged, telling him of their original trials in the woods. Weebo was so happy that someone finally told him a story that he happily gave the Koroks his potion. An older Korok named Nox loved Sheikah-made objects and gave the Koroks his Lens of Truth if they promised to be brave.

As they left the Korok Forest, the chief Tamio warned them to avoid other people and to not tell anyone about their quest. Maku would have a lot of trouble with this, but they all agreed to keep the secrets of the forest safe.

As they traveled through the Lost Woods, the Koroks told each other stories of their adventures in their trials. They followed Fito’s map as best as they could towards the fairy spring. Along the way, they found Kapo. Kapo was a warrior Korok who was supposed to patrol the woods and keep everyone safe, but he had gotten distracted by some truffles on top of a log that he couldn’t reach. The legendary Koroks offered to help him. Even though there were four truffles and five Koroks, the legendary Koroks gave Kapo one. As they moved onward to the Great Fairy’s spring, they could see Kapo happily munching on his truffle.

The Great Fairy’s spring was very beautiful, but uninhabited. The water was crystal clear and surrounded by all kinds of flowers. Four fairy statues surrounded the spring, but Zuki noticed that one of the statues lacked a crown. The four Koroks worked together to create new flowers. Seeing their work, the Great Fairy appeared. She gave them a blessing before sending them on their way. As they left, one of the Great Fairy’s handmaidens appeared and told them that the warning Tamio gave them – to avoid people – should be ignored.

As the day drew to a close, the Koroks noticed a campfire not too far off, and Bokoblin tracks heading towards it. They approached and saw two Hylians surrounded by Bokoblins. They jumped into action immediately and saved the Hylians’ lives. Pyla and Maxus thanked them for their help and let them stay the night at their camp.

In the morning, the Koroks left the Lost Woods and came upon the North Road that separated them from the Sacred Valley and the Forest Temple. The Koroks spotted a very excited Elk nearby. Chio could speak with animals and spoke with the Elk. It happily showed them its “treasure” (a Mending Rod) in exchange for Chio making a magic miniature Elk out of flowers. The Koroks next used the Mending Rod to repair the wagon of some travelers on the road, while also entertaining their small daughter with a quick game of hide and seek.

Inside the Sacred Valley, the Koroks managed to avoid some Moblins loitering on the path, and approached the Forest Temple. A statue of the Great Deku Tree connected them with their spirit guardian. The Great Deku Tree warned them that the Forest Temple is no longer sacred. Dark creatures lurk in its shadows, including the old Keeper of the temple. The Koroks got themselves ready and stepped forward.

Part 2 – The Forest Temple

The entrance to the temple was very dangerous for the little Koroks. A Wolfos guarded the gate, but the Koroks were able to dispatch it quickly. Tasho found the key to the door up in a tree. They entered the Grand Hall of the temple and found four unlit torches and four unlit lanterns. Korok magic could not light them, so the Koroks went through the first unlocked door they could find, and went to try to find a way through the temple.

Inside the study, they found hundreds upon thousands of old books on shelves, all of which were titled “Light”. A curtain blocked a black canvas painting. When Maku pulled back the curtain, a creepy clawed hand reached out of the painting and pulled the curtain closed again. The Koroks got the idea that they should make light hit the painting. Magical light didn’t do the trick, but natural light from the windows did. A ghostly Poe escaped from the painting, carrying an iron lantern with a purple flame. The Koroks quickly defeated it, and the purple flame sat quietly on the floor. Maku collected it in a lantern and took it to the Grand Hall. The purple flame lit one of the torches. Only three more to go!

They entered through another door that led to the Western Courtyard, a large room with very tall grass and a small pond. The Koroks detected a golden skulltula spider and a few deku babas near the water. Chio spoke to the skulltula. It was incredibly scared of the Koroks, promising to be good if they would leave it alone. The Koroks simply asked about some of the locked doors in the Great Hall. The skulltula told them that they needed to clear out the deku babas in order to reach a small key sitting in the water. The Koroks quickly defeated the deku babas and collected the key. The skulltula warned them about the Eastern Courtyard. It was infested with larger, meaner skulltulas. As they left, the gold skulltula began munching on the deku babas, ensuring that they would no longer grow there.

The Koroks used their new key to enter the Eastern Courtyard. Because of what they learned from the gold skulltula, they were prepared for a fight. The enemy skulltulas in the room were quickly defeated. The Eastern Courtyard was like the other, but it had a staircase going up to a school room and a well leading down to the temple cistern. The Koroks investigated the school first, but a Wallmaster creature captured Tasho and banished him back to the entrance of the temple. The others got past the Wallmaster and found the temple keeper’s Fairy Bow, a magical bow that could shoot magical arrows.

As Chio, Zuki, and Maku left the school room to inspect the well, Tasho caught up with them, very scared of the recent encounter. But it left him feeling more brave than he ever had. He offered to jump into the well with the others and see what else they could find. Down in the well, the Koroks found another painting and three ReDead monsters. Though they were very scared, they dispatched the creatures. Chio used her Lens of Truth to see into the painting, seeing the Poe inside hiding from them and wanting to escape to play with the ReDeads. The Koroks hid themselves and the Poe came out. After a very fast fight, the Koroks collected the flame in a lantern and delivered it to the Grand Hall. Two torches lit, two to go!

The next hall they entered was to the chapel, where they met the ghost of the temple keeper. The keeper drew his sword and advanced on them until the Koroks convinced him to leave them be. They promised they would cleanse the temple with the golden deku seed. The keeper inspected it, then pointed them to his quarters where they found and battled the third poe. The keeper gave them the key to the vestry, then sat down on his bed and stared quietly at the small Hylia figurine he kept at his bedside.

The Koroks lit the third torch before unlocking the door to the vestry. Inside was a Poe painting and a number of clay pots. Chio inspected the painting and saw the Poe ceaselessly counting the pots. Maku had an idea: smash all the things! The Koroks took turns breaking pots, infuriating the Poe enough to draw it out. A few sword swishes later and the Koroks lit the fourth torch.

Upon lighting all four torches, the Koroks stood in the center of the Grand Hall and rode the magic elevator up to the oratory. In front of the statue of Hylia was a large, monstrous Diababa with who heads and a bulbous body covered in roots, branches, and thorns. The Koroks each took turns attacking, but none of their hits would damage the Diababa’s body. Instead, they focused on the heads that kept spitting poison at them. During this fight, the Koroks noticed something interesting: when the heads were damaged, the Diababa would move its thorns and vines from the body to the head to repair it. They got an idea! The Koroks unleashed all of their attacks onto the heads. While the body tried to regenerate the heads, the Koroks attacked the body. With a burst of light, leaves, and dirt, the Diababa was vanquished.

Maku took out the golden deku seed and planted it in the dirt. Immediately, it sprouted and began sending out waves of green, purifying energy. The twisted vines and thorns on the walls shriveled and faded away, and the remaining monsters fled. The Koroks looked all around the temple and it seemed safe again. The only remaining creature was the gold skulltula, who was more than happy to feel safe in the temple again – especially after having made friends with Chio.


The Koroks returned to the Korok Forest, whereupon the Great Deku Tree dubbed them True Legendary Koroks. But he said that their cleansing of the Forest Temple was not the only part of their trial. Their actions outside the temple too contributed to their newfound status. Encouraging Fito, telling Weebo a story, feeding Kapo, entertaining the Great Fairy, saving Pyla and Maxus, amusing the Elk, assisting the travelers, playing hide and seek with the little girl, sparing the gold skulltula, and setting the temple keeper free – all of these kind acts contributed to the Koroks as Legendary.

For a Legendary Korok is not simply a brave adventurer. Legendary Koroks are a blessing to the realm. They provide light and laughter wherever they go. They seek to raise up those around them. They are helpers.

The Forest Temple has once again become a sacred place. Its new keepers are smart and playful creatures who keep the temple clean and invite the creatures of light to bask in the warm glow of stained glass windows. The keepers are great, incredible, tricky, and brave.