Novus, Sentinel Jedi
Karu, Nautolan Sentinel Jedi
Durten, Wookiee Fighter Wookiee
Jorge, Mandalorian Engineer

The Old Republic: Children of the Emperor

The evil Sith Empire has broken the Treaty of Coruscant, ending the eleven year cold war and thrusting the galaxy back into conflict.

On the Republic core world of CORELLIA, the Barsen’thor, Warden of the Jedi Order, leads a desperate battle to stop the Empire from claiming the planet and deliverying a decisive death blow to the Galactic Republic.

The Children of the Emperor, Sith sleeper agents discovered by the Jedi, have captured key strongholds within the planet’s capital, CORONET CITY. In a final bid to drive the Imperial army from the city, Republic strike teams now move to retake these strongholds…

The Adventure

Two Jedi Knights, Karu and Novus, joined forces with a Wookiee assault specialist, Durten, and a Mandalorian engineer, Jorge, planning to take a key stronghold in Coronet City. The droid, T-701, piloted their ship and dropped the group off just outisde. The plan was to scale the wall of the control tower and knock out the stronghold’s communication tower. Jorge used a breaching charge on the window, blasting their way in. The few droids and imperial soldiers inside were a minor threat, and soon communications throughout the stronghold were taken out. A message in a nearby control room revealed that a Sith lord was somewhere within.

Jorge checked the scanners and saw various life forms, one of which was incoming. The Jedi and the mercenaries readied themselves, blasting their way down the hallway towards the shipyard and the armory. The shipyard was swarming with battle droids, so Durten threw various grenades, Jorge lobbed a smoke grenade, and Novus set a tripwire trap. Karu found some medpacs in the armory and stowed them while leading the party through the next hallway.

A blast door closed in the Research and Development center, and Jorge’s breaching charges could not break through. The party instead decided to go around, passing through a few chambers leading to the power generator. More battle droids and imperial soldiers tried to stop them but were taken down by Novus’s acrobati style of lightsaber fighting, Karu’s force powers, and the weaponry of Jorge and Durten. They learned that the power generator was set to explode, so they made their way in that direction. With some quick computer hacking, Jorge managed to shut down the explosion, but learned that something else would explode soon – something powerful enough to blow up half of Coronet City!

In the next room, Novus and Karu faced off against a Sith lord, Korvold. Korvold attempted to throw force lightning at the Jedi, but Novus quickly blocked his powers. Korvold fought feriociously, but couldn’t keep up with the two Jedi Knights. While he was distracted, Korvold was shot in the back by Durten’s bowcaster, killing him. Jorge went to stop the explosions, but found out that the controls for this were in a nearby hallway wherein Dr. Kafka, a Republic researcher was found. Energy barriers kept her from the Jedi and the mercenaries. With some quick thinking, Jorge disabled the barriers.

But before they could move in to get Dr. Kafka, she pulled out her own red lightsaber and tried to fire off a blast of lightning. Novus tried to block her force powers, but she was quick. Jorge and Durten provided cover fire to keep her pinned down until Karu and Novus could move in and fight. They both took heavy hits and were suffering grievous wounds before Kafka, gloating about her weakened opponents, did not see a bolt from Durten’s bowcaster. She died and Jorge quickly shut down the explosion, saving the city.

With the stronghold captured by the Republic, Republic forces would soon be able to move in and work towards liberating Coronet City and all of the planet.