Eager to start an adventuring guild of their own and make a name for themselves, Myrtle Shortwick and Ickim the Great take on odd jobs and adventures!

Myrtle Shortwick

Race: Halfling
Class: Ranger 3
Conclave: Swarmkeeper
Equipment: Longbow, Shortsword, Daggers
Animal Companion: Simon the badger

A ranger from the High Forest, Myrtle is a very strong and capable warrior. She joins up with Ickim after rescuing him from an angry mob who thought he was going to steal something. She watches over her younger companion and helps guide their group through the wilderness with her expertise in tracking and nature.

Ickim the Great

Race: Kobold
Class: Fighter 3
Archtype: Echo Knight
Equipment: Scimitars, Crossbow
Animal Companion: Mouse the mouse

Ickim is a fighter through and through. He’s not overly intelligent and relishes in combat. He is able to conjure a dark shadow of himself (called Mikci) that can take hits for him and help him in a fight. He uses it to protect his friend Myrtle, summoning Mikci to block attacks and putting himself in the front of a fight. He has a great love for cheese.


  • Episode 3: The Knight August 26, 2020
    “Run!” cried Ickim. “I’ll hold him off!” Myrtle strapped her bow to her back and sheathed her knife. She quickly wrapped her arms around Darek, though as an adolescent human boy, he was very nearly her height. She shoved him towards the door, careful to give a wide berth to the fallen Death Knight. Darek looked ...
  • Episode 2: The Forest April 29, 2020
    The sky was darkening quickly. The cottage was quiet and dark, but Myrtle and Ickim were ill at ease. They could not see the Blood Knight inside. And yet, they could still feel an inkling of its presence. “We should go,” suggested Myrtle. “Let’s get out of here.” Ickim stowed the Sword of the Goddess’s Wrath ...
  • Episode 1: The Task April 20, 2020
    The Sword Coast is a dangerous realm if you don’t know where you’re going. But that can be said of just about any place if we’re being honest. People get by, obviously, or there wouldn’t be anyone that lives there. A lot of their protection comes from wandering adventurers, the sort of folk that make ...