Part 81: Avatar

4 to Wakening Sun, Inalis, 39 days remaining

Heheh, we’ve had an interesting night. The ship is sailing smoothly towards the Golden Heart, and our spirits are feeling pretty uplifted at the moment. Message can’t really make it down the stairs to see me in my room, so I’ve been spending some time with her and the other centaurs on the top deck. She helped me with my prayers when the sun went down, though I’m not sure what she really knows about religion and worship. That’s fair, though, because I’m not even really sure. Kiora has been the source of my abilities for quite some time now and I feel like she and I barely know each other.

But anyway, we were enjoying sundown when I started making my rounds to get some stuff done. My essence is finished and now it resembles more of a little twinkle of light and less like a sparkling blob. I went to pass it off to Briar when I remembered she had been talking to Shadow on the deck earlier. I don’t recall the conversation, but she ended up walking away with Yannis, Father’s little unicorn rabbit, in her arms. I gave Briar the essence and just saw… Well, I don’t know what I saw. Briar looked embarrassed and her son, Zirconis, just asked for some privacy. She was casting a spell on Yannis and was talking with him. It seemed kind of silly for her to be embarrassed because I’ve seen her talk with plants and creatures before. This wasn’t out of the ordinary. But Zirconis shooed me away, so whatever.

So that comes to now. It’s been a number of hours since the sun went down and I had gone back upstairs. Nessa and I brought out my sabrecat Razorclaw and we were talking with him. Get this! Nessa’s pipeweed has a magical effect! It lets me talk to animals briefly! The smell still kind of goes to my head, but Nessa promises I’ll get used to this. That said, Briar and Clio both give me a funny look when it comes to the pipeweed. I suspect they don’t approve. Frankly, I don’t approve either, but ever since I stopped drinking, I just-

Anyway, Briar and Zirconis found their way back on the top deck once again with little Yannis following. They went up to Father as he had been doing some night fishing again. I don’t know the conversation, but eventually Father and Briar brought Yannis over to me and Nessa. I thought that the effects of Nessa’s pipeweed were still in my head because I was having a quaint conversation with Yannis. Only when Nessa reminded me that the pipeweed’s magical effects wear off quickly did I realize Yannis was speaking on his own.

That silly Briar! She and Zirconis had cast a spell on him to awaken him. Which is to say, Yannis is quite intelligent and can speak now. Oh, and he’s incredibly polite, too! Perhaps Torag should speak with Yannis. He might learn a thing or two. And so, Father asked me if I would be willing to help Yannis learn a thing or two about magic. 

Imagine that, Heath! Me, little Flee, teaching a unicorn rabbit how to cast divine magic! Oh, to see Sel Mara’s face right now. He’d be so cross, and I would just laugh in his stupid, smug face!

3 to Wakening Sun, Inalis, 38 days remain

I’ve been traveling a while now and I’ve seen a lot of interesting places. The coast of Ylisse and the forests there, the great ocean leading me here, the Wyldwood, the Obsidian Sierras, and the seas of the Isles. But nothing has quite taken my breath away as the Golden Heart. The islands are beautiful with green hills rising up to foggy and craggy mountain tops, surrounded by sands. These mountains are taller than I would have expected on an island, but we can scarcely see the top of them through the clouds. Rising beyond these clouds, though, is the best view yet: the boughs of a majestic tree, bigger and more beautiful than I’ve ever seen! That must be where Clio was born! The Golden Heart of Eos! It’s no wonder Clio is so pretty. I mean, look at this tree! That said, my fey friends are feeling a little nervous being here. Clio doesn’t know what to expect, and Briar, knowing that we’re here to slay the Sun’s Avatar, says she’s feeling strange about the notion of shedding blood in a place like this.

We looked to Shadow for what to do here since none of us have really hunted before, and he suggested we first contact Kano. Glad we did! I sent a message to him and he told me that the safest place here is the beach. We moored the Gjallarnhorn on said beach to meet up with him. 

Before the magic of my message spell ran out, Kano said we were going to meet someone else with him. That person ended up being an ancien Saurian named Gidgiddonihah, or Gid for short. Gid is the guide to the Mother Tree and will lead us there once we finish our business-

Oh, I should mention that! So, our business here is two-fold. First, we must meet at the Golden Heart and see what there is to see about Clio and her past, and also learn what we can do to fight the Titans. Second, we must defeat Gishath, the Sun’s Avatar. As it happens, Gid explained that Gishath will not permit anyone near the Mother Tree unless they have bested him first. And by “bested him”, I mean that we are supposed to slay him, just like the other Sun’s Avatars we’ve defeated. Gid also explained that many others have attempted to defeat the Sun’s Avatar but none have yet succeeded.

That left us with a few ideas of what to do now. Clearly our party was to fight the Sun’s Avatar first before we could do anything else. Should we challenge Gishath now? No, we decided, it would be too dangerous. This island was his domain and the hour was late when we landed here. Fighting in the dark would not be advantageous. We thought to wait here on the beach, but Kano suggested that Gishath has a connection to all the beasts of this island. In other words, now that we’ve set foot here, he’ll know where we are and will find us on his own terms. 

While we debated, Briar and Clio thought of an idea. They decided to do some scouting. Briar became a flying dinosaur whose species I can never remember, and Clio affixed a flower onto her so she could see wherever Briar went. Doing so is dangerous for Clio though as she can’t see us while she goes. It’s our job to protect her while her vision is otherwise occupied. But that didn’t stop me from making faces at her, heh!

Clio described the flight of Briar as best as she could. I could hear the awe in her voice as she painted the picture of our surroundings. The beaches, the cliffside, the swamps, the jungles. It all sounded so beautiful. But the account of the island turned to fear as Briar was apparently spotted by Gishath himself. Clio said he was a tyrannosaur, larger than we’ve ever imagined. Briar wasn’t followed back, though. She escaped and returned to us, a little more pale than when she left. 

I smacked Kano in the back of the head. “You fool!” said I. “You came here alone with that thing hunting you?” Kano is our ally, but more importantly our friend. I can’t fathom sending any of our friends alone into something so dangerous. 

We opted to rest for the night on the Gjallarhorn instead of with Gid in his camp – he offered but none of us felt particularly safe. We’re in the middle of making plans and we’ll figure out what to do. Right now, our plan is to debate which area would be the safest for us to challenge Gishath. Kano has a way for us to get wherever we need to go without drawing a lot of attention.

Kano says the Sun’s Avatar is resistant to fire and holy magic. Well, that’s most of my abilities! Fortunately I’ve been playing around with transmutation magic lately, and I think I’m starting to get better at it. In fact, I’m feeling like my innate magic is growing stronger now, perhaps bolstered by my holy magic. Or perhaps it’s from knowing that Damon and I are related distantly and I’m no longer ashamed to be me. Or something else. I don’t really know. 

Hmmm, I bet I know why my magic is getting stronger. It’s because I’m getting stronger. I’ve been working out with Sensei Torag every day in the training room. I’m way for fit and athletic now! I bet I could even do a pull-up!