Session 10: Onward and Seaward

Mist rose over Lotus Lake in the morning. My companions awoke at the first sign of light, having slept through the afternoon, evening, and night of the previous day. They were still stiff and sore from their injuries, and I had only just barely finished repairing my body and coat. But dawn had approached nonetheless, and we had things to do.

We split into groups to get our errands accomplished. Eclipse and Oromis were tasked with helping the townspeople tear down the ruined structures and begin repairs on those that could still be salvaged. Ezio continued his training while looking out for trouble. Luna and I were to find the mayor and settle the debt of our service. Hebo and Petra went fishing for breakfast. The fishing did not last long, though. Without the proper supplies, they mostly just splashed in the water. The traveler Rioma assisted for a moment until Petra tried to cook the fish with fire and scared Hebo away. I noticed this as Luna and I walked by, and Luna noted that Hebo seemed uncharacteristically scared. She suggested that the fire may have given him some lingering fear due to dying in the Chimera’s fiery breath a week earlier. Perhaps I will discuss this with Hebo later.

Luna and I found the mayor working with his people to clean up the town. He graciously paid us a large sum of money and we offered to stay through the rest of the day and assist wherever we could. I decided to give the mayor the rest of the weapons we scavenged from the dead Yuan-Ti and volunteered Ezio to train the people with their use.

We later met our companions again and decided to discuss our next steps. Unanimously, we elected to follow the bounty at the Obsidian Garrison. Before we continued, however, I felt impressed to discuss my past with my new companions. Traveling with me would put all of them in grave danger because Zero was still likely hunting me. When he killed Number Eight, I damaged him as best as I could with the few things I had, but Zero escaped. Carametra had suggested that Zero is still after me, and I must assume that he will attack at a moment’s notice. I am fortunate to call my companions friends, though we’ve only been traveling a few weeks together. Hebo again told me that he would protect me.

With that settled, we spent the rest of our day helping the people of Lotus Lake as much as we could. In the morning at first light, we would leave Lotus Lake for Green Hollow in order to purchase passage by sea to the Moonrift Orchards. Hebo spoke to the mayor who mentioned something about the ‘loot’ for our service (referring, obviously, to the money we split between ourselves and Rioma). But Hebo misunderstood and thought he meant ‘lute’ (referring, obviously, to the stringed instrument) and rejoined the party with a lute, jeered by Oromis and Luna.

The end of the day drew near, and Ezio grew restless. While Hebo used a spell to protect the party while they slept and Luna and I patrolled the town, Ezio went to the forest to hunt again. He returned after an hour with a grievous injury and a very small scaled weasel that he asked me to cook for him.

In the morning, Hebo, Luna, and I quickly went to the market to purchase some supplies before we joined the others and departed for Green Hollow. The road to Green Hollow was uneventful. We arrived by midday a few days later, and immediately went to the market place.

What happened in the market place was embarrassing. The Great Ones, as we are, are a very strange group. I have yet to see any other Warforged, friendly Goblins, Eladrin with strange eyes, or Gnomes with dragon scales on half their faces. We were already very conspicuous. Luna went to a smithy to purchase a shield. While Hebo spoke with the Goliath blacksmith about barding for Spoink, Ezio snuck up behind him and… we are not sure what Ezio was trying to do. He said he was trying to help persuade the Goliath to lower his prices. It evidently did not work, and Ezio walked away with a bloody nose.

We split up to do more errands in town. Oromis purchased rations for the party (myself not included). Luna, Hebo, Petra, and Eclipse went fishing with the new fishing supplies that Hebo had purchased in Lotus Lake. Ezio and I went to procure a ship to the Moonrift. Unfortunately, few people were willing to talk to us and give directions. I want to blame Ezio’s still-bleeding nose, but I know my metal and stone features do not incite much confidence in people.

At sundown, we finally spotted a boat and met with the rest of our party (with Hebo, Luna, Petra, and Eclipse toting many fish in their arms). The small boat, Cat’s Eye, was commanded by three tabaxi: Soul, Cloud, and Gift. They offered to speak with us in the morning about their fee to take us to the Moonrift, but it seems that we will need to sell or stable our horses and wagon.

In the morning, we will hopefully be at sea. For now, we need to stop Ezio’s nose from bleeding any further. Perhaps I can cook some of Hebo’s fish tonight. I cannot help but wonder what is taste. It must be pleasant because my companions make such strange facial expressions when they eat any of Hebo’s chocolate.