Name: Eddie (Edwina) Finch
Ancestry: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Class: Rogue 2

When some trouble came upon her family, Eddie ran away. The rendezvous was missed by her brother, and Eddie was left on her own. She left her hometown and the family business and seeks to distance herself from her past, all the while constantly looking over her shoulder.

Name: Iosha Revelk
Ancestry: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Cleric 2

He grew up in a kitchen, but found himself drawn to the clergy in the Church of Enos. Seeing how adventurers had no written instructions or aids for their profession, Iosha has taken it upon himself to write a field guide to adventuring.

Name: Nichola Flanel
Ancestry: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Expert 2

A traveling merchant who moves frequently across the Midlands with his cargo wagon drawn by the impressively strong horse, Gil. Nichola’s job takes him many places, and as such he is more than prepared for travel and adventure on the road.

Alice Boisterious and extremely friendly kitchen manager and cook of Point's End, loves to chase men Human Taigon Falls
Alin Traveler passing through Taigon Falls with whom Eddie spoke about the Festival Fruit Half-Elf Taigon Falls
Ardvarius Patron of Point's End who agreed to help Iosha with his research on Festival Fruit. His brother is Illy Elf Taigon Falls
Buck Employee at Point's End who wears an extremely large and out-of-place hat Human Taigon Falls
David Stuttering farmer who kindly sells his mules to those who need them Human Taigon Falls
Illy Ardvarius's obnoxious younger brother who agreed to help Iosha's research on Festival Fruit Elf Taigon Falls
Seagerd Traveling brewer who delivers Festival Ale to Taigon Falls Dwarf Eastpeaks
Simon The apparent proprietor of the Battlehammer Winery, a very friendly guy Dwarf Battlehammer Winery
Thomas Barkeeper and customer service representative for Point's End Human Taigon Falls