Midlands Field Guide: Foreward

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Welcome to The First Book of the Midlands Field Guide. 

If you have not yet read the introductory pamphlet in your local library, do not despair! This field guide can be read solo with very little overlap between it and our first notes in this series. For those of you who have read the introductory pamphlet, the material will be presented to you in much of the same pattern. For any new readers, you may find the style of this book strange or perhaps off-putting. That is intentional. This is a field guide of Mr. Revelk’s personal experiences and stories while traveling as a pilgrim in the Midlands. You will find personal anecdotes mixed with factual information about the areas visited. Should you have any questions or concerns, send word to our publishers and they will make contact with us. 

We hope you enjoy the Midlands Field Guide. It has been a pleasure to write and chronicle.

– Iosha Revelk, author
– Daz Flinthand, editor