Letter 7


Met a man in the vineyard. His daughter is missing. There are times when I can’t help but feel… What’s the word? Like I need to take care of some of these mortals. I know I have my problems, as do many fey, but these mortals. It’s like when we would help wounded animals in the forest. I’m torn because I know what my tribe taught me. I know what you taught me. They are conflicting statements. I know not all mortals are bad. Of course I know that. And I know I shouldn’t feel superior. I shouldn’t… A centaur worth their weight wouldn’t even question it and yet I do. I’M SO FRUSTRATED. Fine. I’m superior. I just accept it. But being superior means that I am responsible, right? I need to step up, right? So maybe I can convince the others to help this man as well. The king sure should help. This person has been a loyal servant to him for years.