Athair mo ghràidh Herkus,

Have you ever learned something about someone you care about and it just makes sense? Or when you find something out and you feel relief because it changes nothing about them? I’m not sure if I know how to explain it…

I’m not sure how much I can say. We are still in the library, we are resting at the moment while consulting the book of the dead. Again, I don’t know how much I can say…

AAARRRGH this is so frustrating. I’m sure it was boring to constantly get letters about how the ox nearly died but I didn’t let him, or how Leef did something endearing, or how Actaeon made a trebuchet out of a pot, six feet of rope and sheer will power… But at least those were things I could talk about with confidence, and if this letter does get interceded that it wouldn’t be too harmful at least.

But all of this. Deep secrets of this world and deeper secrets of my loved ones. I want to speak with you so badly. I want your advice, your humor, even your chiding. Please tell me what to do! How do help? How do I support them? Do I hug them? Bake for them? My small book of etiquette doesn’t cover how to respond when a friend is told their families souls are trapped in the scythe of the Lady of Dreams, after she slaughtered them in their sleep. It doesn’t advise me of what to say when a precious fey sister learns of their origins and why they are hunted and haunted. It doesn’t cover conversations with ancient overwhelming beings who share the story of this world and worlds beyond.

Eos thug beatha dhuinn. Is ann tro a corp agus tro dhuslach is deòir a bhios sinn a’ comharrachadh anail. A-nochd, tha mi a’ coimhead air fear a rugadh le a cridhe. Bidh mi a ‘gàireachdainn oir tha mi a’ faireachdainn eagal, ach tha mi cuideachd a ‘faireachdainn an aon rud riutha. Tha diadhachd a’ ruith ‘nam fuil, agus gidheadh ​​cha ‘n ‘eil mo ghràdh-sa a’ ruith ni’s mò no ni’s lugha. Tha sin a’ toirt comhfhurtachd dhomh. Faodaidh cuid a ràdh gu bheil iad nas sònraichte a-nis gu bheil an fhìrinn seo aithnichte. Ach dhòmhsa, bha iad a-riamh mar sin. 1

More confirmations have been shared and I’m sure more are to come. Leef was asked if he would want to to return to his prior home once this is all settled. I held my breath waiting for his answer. He considers this his home now. I am even more determined to create a home for all of them as best I can. I only have your abode as reference so I hope you don’t mind if I continue to model my efforts on that. As soon as I am able I will make the largest batch possible of mushroom stew.

I have a question. Is it wrong to alter my resolve for the comfort of another? I tried not to show it but hearing about Shadow’s family and what happened, my heart ached to bring him any relief possible. I thought of two ways I might be able to do that. The first was to catch a very large fish, and cook it with a lot of spice. The second is working harder to be able to um… I need to be stronger for that spell. Much stronger than I am now. I’m sure you know the one I am referencing. Have you ever performed it? Of course the Lady of Dreams must be defeated first. Their souls must be freed from her scythe before anything like that can happen. Any advice on the subject is welcome. I’ve only heard of it. Has anyone else in our circle used it?

Both of those options are on very different sides of a spectrum to share his burden. But I can’t think of anything in between.

I saw Telon and Irica written in the book of the dead. And it was shared with me that the tribe’s belief is nothing more than superstition. However, I will still carve their names on my shield. I am nearly done with each cherished name. Traditions still run deep within me. I am determined that regardless of The Scaled Book of the Dead, and the names therein, that they will be known and remembered and continue to live on through my memory.

Zirconis is doing well. I am so proud of him and how fast he is learning. This library is a wealth of knowledge and every opportunity I have encouraged him to seek both questions and answers. I will do all in my power to make him happy, and to help him build his horde how ever it manifests. I can’t wait for you to meet him. Oh, also do you have any more recipes or ideas for making food that is bitter? That is his favorite flavor. Leef said he could help but I would still like to learn. The more I know, the more I can share with Zirconis.

Soon we will face the Fates. I am anxious with our plan but I will vocalize my opinions, I promise.

gaol agus gràdh,


1 Druidic : Eos gave life to us. It is through her body and dust and tears that we celebrate breath. Tonight, I look upon one who was born of her heart. I smile because I feel awe, but I also feel the same towards them. Divinity runs in their blood, and yet my affection doesn’t run any more or less. That comforts me. Some may say they are more precious now that this truth is known. But for me, they have always been so.