Letter 6


Altea. What can I really say? They have good grapes and a drunk for a leader. He’s Torag’s father. I kind of did something mean to Flee. She (she/he?) was panicking and I dumped water on her. I like her and I hope I didn’t make her hate me. I know you’ll make fun of me for saying this but I do find I enjoy some of the other’s company. Clio is a lot less trusting of mortals but they confuse me just as much. It’s nice to speak fey with her. I’ve missed how it rolls off the tongue. Dia also speaks fey and Flee seems to want to learn. Maybe I will teach her. 

I met with the Chief of the Vega. I felt foolish bc I requested of him that, if I should die, my name will be on a plaque in our tribe’s square. He gave me assurance he would do that. I know it’s foolish. I haven’t been with my tribe for 13 summers. But I still can’t help but cling to some traditions. The Vega are so intimidating. I wasn’t sure I could walk back out of the camp. 

Anyway, we had to save some princess. Harpies tried to kill Clio. Nasty things. I sacrificed something for the first time. I did it in the name of Amalj’aa just to spite him. I fought next to Actaeon this time. I think it went well. It went better than fighting next to Torag. He’s an amazing fighter but our thought processes just didn’t match at the time. Maybe we will all improve. 

Oh, and Flee gave me a hairbrush (before, not during the fight). I guess If i have to be around people I might as well start to use it. Having my hair the way it is attracts a little too much attention I guess.