Letter 56

Dear Herkus,

Today was another thrilling day at the games. It’s challenging because we don’t know what events will happen until the day of, so we all have to be prepared for just about anything. At least we know what the main spectacles are so as mystic coaches (sounds fancy, yeah?) we can prepare our magic to help the competitors. It’s really made me reflect on what I know and forced me to practice spells in a way I really haven’t since you first began teaching me how to incorporate nature into my casting. I truly want to do my best. As a group we have decided that it is the goal for our people to be on the podium at the end and of course we all support each other, but I have to admit that while I’m not competitive for myself, I know Rendu always aims high and wants to put his best abilities forward. He bolsters up the others for sure, and he admitted that he’s fine cheering from the sides at times, but I know when he’s in it he wants to excel. So I have to be at the top of my game as well. 

Last night was interesting. I worry about Leef sometimes. I consider him to be my younger sibling. I know when he is filled with emotion, and it doesn’t have to be any particular one, he likes to drink. Drinking is his way of celebrating, consoling, numbing… I’ve never been a heavy drinker myself, and I don’t intend to be a killjoy to anyone, but while I do believe you can be merry, it’s important to know when you’ve had enough. 

Oh! I learned a new term that I did not like. Kano, another competitor, apparently sent a drink over to Clio. I wasn’t there because I was chasing some children, and I’ll explain that in a moment. Anyway, he sent her a drink, and Rendu said that he “hit on her.” I was so angry. For one, Clio is not the type of person to just take assault, so I was confused why there wasn’t a blood bath when I got back. She’s not a violent person per se… but she is capable of some amazing things. Then two, why would the other’s just sit back and let someone hit her? Once again the phrases of mortals escaped my understanding. I guess the phrase means something along the lines of “acts in romantic pursuit.” What a terrible way to express that! The closest phrase I can think of in Sylvan that I may have heard was “Txan yawne , kaltxì ohe woo1.”  I know I’ve mentioned this but courting is more of a satyr thing, fairies too I believe. Nymph’s being as they are don’t court. As far as my limited understanding goes, if they see someone they wish to pair with, they just do. They are pretty open about it, so that’s why the habits or mortals made no sense. Kano is also a type of nymph so he wouldn’t need to show his interest by sending her a drink. Clio might need to clarify how a nymph practices coquetry, but I believe it more about touch and honestly stating intention verbally. Flirtations are very different for the fey. Although I’m the last person in the world to understand flirting. 

For centaurs, it’s usually the male sees someone he wants to partner with, tells his parents, they talk to her parents, then the chief gives his remarks as to the union producing offspring that will benefit the tribe with strength. Then if all that is agreed upon, the mare is given a head wreath of flowers by said stallion, to show his intent. She can either accept or refuse but I don’t think refusal happens often. From there they are considered a pair and it isn’t until death they are parted. I’ve heard some say this practice is cold but it sort of makes sense to me. Also it’s not as if they don’t know each other. They grew up together! And it limits embarrassment because the chief and the party’s parents have already discussed the appropriateness of the match. If the parents of the mare know that she would not be inclined towards a particular stallion then well… It’s cut off before any hurt feelings can occur. It’s all very practical and benefits everyone. 

Mortal habits are so confusing. I wonder if I’ve done anything truly taboo in regards to their mating rituals. It also makes me worry that anytime I have bought a round of drinks for the group or someone in particular in the group they are thinking I’m hitting them1 romantically. For example last night my food was taken when I was working with a familiar, and at the end of the night Torag shared some of his food with me. I had to pick out the meat but I was hungry enough I didn’t care if it had all been cooked together. So I called the wait staff to bring him a drink as a thank you. What have I done? Does Torag think I’m in love with him now? Oh no. No no no no no no no no no no nooooooooooooo! NO. I just realized how loudly I cheered for him today. (He won by the way. I’m very happy for him. He was the best at standing on top of a hill and shoving others off of it. The event was much more thrilling but that was the main gist of it.) I’m sure he thinks I’m in love with him if this is how mortals operate. Should I say something? My book does not go into any detail on this sort of thing. It is meant for children. Wait… wait… Some animals bring food to a potential mate. Torag shared his food… Does that mean?… Eos help me, no. This is the worst train of thought I think I have ever had. Maybe I know someone with a modify memory spell? 

NEW TOPIC! I chased some children. Yes, let’s talk about that. When we went to the party, the food was very abundant. I noted the vast amount of kindness Rendu and Shadow have when they each offered to help Pholon, and they illustrated it once more last night. They took food out and gave it to those who had nothing to eat. When they left the restaurant, they had been gone for long enough that I admit I got concerned. I trust them, of course I do, but I’ve also seen some brash actions from members of our group. So I called out Rycastius, my owl familiar, and sent him to look for them. I focused through his eyes and saw they were in an alley helping two children. My heart broke upon seeing the littles. It seems that even though they have at least one parent, they were basically on their own. I saw too much of my own childhood in their expressions. I am all too aware that just because you have so called “caregivers” does not mean you are cared for. I told Rycastius to look out for them and broke the connection because I admit, I couldn’t handle much more. Later on I thought that maybe I could hire them to tend to my sheep during the day when we weren’t at the estate, but I couldn’t find them again even with my owls help. They went down into the aqueducts. I hadn’t told anyone where I was going so I knew it was best I turn back. 

Seeing Shadow’s expression made me even more determined to help him find Rare, his daughter. Witnessing Rendu’s compassion… I feel humbled, but also, how do I explain it? Pinch teann na mo bhroilleach? Cha bhith e air a ghoirteachadh ach tha e dian. Tha e coltach ri mar a tha mi a ’faireachdainn mu Leef agus Clio mar mo theaghlach, agus mar a tha mi agus airson a bhith nam phàirt de bhith a’ cuideachadh chàich a ’lorg sìth sa bheatha seo, ach cuideachd beagan eadar-dhealaichte. Tha e a ’toirt orm a bhith cinnteach gum bi e toilichte ann an dòigh sam bith as urrainn dhomh. Agus ao-coltach ri càch, tha mi a ’faireachdainn gu bheil iad sin nan rudan nach bu chòir dhomh a ràdh a-muigh1. 

Sorry I didn’t share more about the games in this letter. Right now the dragonlords are in the lead overall. It stands as Shadow, Actaeon, Torag, and Rendu. I am very proud of every one of them. Rendu won the javelin throw today, and as I said Torag won King of the Hill. Oh, I need to send you some popcorn. Leef keeps buying it and I’ve found I really enjoy it. 

Right now I’m listening to Rendu play music for the sheep. Her eyes are closed and she seems happy. I’m glad I asked him to do that. She deserves to experience as many wonderful things as she can. Tomorrow I think I will ask Leef to create some effects that would be amusing to her. 

gaol agus gràdh,


Sylvan 1: Grant love, heart I woo

Druidic 1: A tight pinch in my chest? It doesn’t hurt but it is intense. It is similar to how I feel about Leef and Clio as my family, and how I want to be a part of helping the others finding peace in this life, but also a bit different. It makes me want to ensure his happiness in any way I can. And unlike the others, I get the feeling these are things I should never say out loud.

(OOC note: She means ‘hitting on’ but still doesn’t understand the phrase)