Letter 40

Dear Herkus,

It has been an eventful day so far, and we aren’t even close to resting for the night. I’m happy to say that the ox and Shadow have made up. I guess they have anyway. They went off and talked and came back just fine. Shadow then stated plainly that anything caught in his snare was his to do with whatever he will. That seems reasonable, I suppose. 

Amalj’aa tried to kill both of them with lightning when we got to Ellandyr. They’re fine. (Oh, it had nothing to do with their fight though. I don’t think.)

Did you know there was a minotaur slave market here? I was already concerned about how Clio and I would be received, but now I feel oddly protective over our monk friend. The more I see of the world the more dissatisfied I feel. I’m sure there are many of my tribe or kind in general that would have no issue with enslaving other races. Especially since they deem them so far below. But underneath the horns and fearsome expression, there is a person. They are hated and despised by so many, both fey and mortal. And maybe some of them did something to bring it upon themselves.  But on the other hand, I wonder how many of those cursed and afflicted are more like Torag. He was just a child when it fell upon him. How can he be at fault? The fact I can relate to the minotaurs in that regard makes me feel uncomfortable. 

I’ve been debating how much to write when it comes to our interactions with King Acastus. It is probably a better story to tell in person. But I will say this: I don’t like him. He is the type of mortal that justifies my kind’s belief in the inferiority of humans. There is no honor in him. And when I think of who he is descended from, well… In any case I’m happy things were resolved as far as the weather goes in the city. It is only because of the immortals that it happened. If we hadn’t issued our support to Queen Aminatou, the alternatives were dire. 

We have met several interesting people here. I was able to speak about Eos a little with an Amazonian we met. It was nice to be able to share some of my thoughts on the mother Titan. It always makes me happy to meet others who honor her. I know Clio does as well but we haven’t talked about it much. When the time draws closer to offering a sacrifice, I wonder if she would like to join me? I wonder if the others would. I doubt it, they each have their own gods to worship. Some are even children of those gods so I don’t think they would have much interest. 

I had a lot of thoughts about Mum today. The first because Rendu was very close to finally meeting his mother. The second when Azorius spoke of how he hadn’t really had words with his daughter Aminatou since she married that foul man. That made me think about how Manara and Ergo disowned Da because he married Mum. I know it’s not the same. But it brought it to the front of my mind. I wonder if someone ever comes to love me like Da did her, if their family would treat him as though he were dead as well. I hope not. Is that another part of the curse? Da used to say it was for the best because then Mum would have him all to herself. If that’s what she wanted then I don’t think that’s right. I don’t want someone to lose out on the love of others because they love me. That just seems selfish. If that is what it means to be in love than it’s best I don’t seek it.

This letter is getting long. I’m sorry. So to finish this quickly, we have several tasks we hope to complete here before we leave. We might join in the games in two weeks, though to be honest I’m not sure what I could do in them. Maybe I’ll just cheer from the side. I know Actaeon, Rendu, Torag and Shadow would be amazing at many of the events. Flee and Clio are so powerful with spells and such fast thinkers, I think they would be great as well. I’m not discounting my abilities but I don’t know if they are truly suited for something like this. Besides it might be best for me not to draw attention to myself in that way. Who knows. Maybe you could come watch? If you felt up to leaving home for a few days. But I understand if you don’t. This place is so big and it’s a bit overwhelming. I do miss you though. 

gaol agus gràdh,