Letter 39

Dear Herkus,

I spoke with a dragon today, well after speaking to several humans that had ridden on said dragon. I hate to inform you but I made an error in my approach. For a split second he reminded me of Triple A and I actually put my hand out for him to sniff. Like an idiot. Have you ever met a dragon? Interesting creatures. Intimidating these ones are, but also funny? 

None of us are thrilled with going to Ellandyr. I can’t write too much about our suspicions but we feel we need to be careful. 

Oh, I learned a joke!

I am still studying the book that Flee gave me. There is so much to remember about interacting with other people. It’s exhausting. I don’t know if it’s worth it but hopefully. 

I was able to use more healing spells recently. We are all fine, there was just a massive error in judgement from some in our group and there was a bit of a fight between Torag and Shadow. And also a fight at one point between Shadow and Flee, although that one wasn’t physical. All I can say is I’m glad that Actaeon didn’t hit me back when I struck him the other day. What a messy turn of events. 

I’m going to get some new armor soon I think. Shadow, Actaeon, and Clio helped me with taking care of some pelts from several smaller beasts that attacked out camp. I use the term loosely for Actaeon. Try though he might his technique was a bit… terrible? But I’m very happy he helped me.

I just got finished with the watch and we will set out soon, but I wanted to conclude this letter first. Maybe I can send it soon? I am learning more and more about my companions. Such as, Clio’s hair is naturally beautiful. And Actaeon can speak Fey. Side note, do you know of any carnivorous plants that could swallow me whole? Just asking. No particular reason. 

I might find a potion in Ellandyr for my hair as well as for the extra awkwardness that I have felt since Rendu joined our group. It’s very distracting and I just don’t need that. I hope you are well. I miss you very much. 

gaol agus gràdh,1


1 Druidic: “love and affection”