Letter 38 (start of Season 2)

Dear Herkus,

The last 24 hours have certainly been… Interesting? Is that the right term? Anyway, when we got out and I admit my temper might have got the better of me, but those two, Torag and Actaeon, ugh I’m so mad I can’t think of the word in common. In druidic it’s amadan1. The adrenaline had worn off and I just couldn’t hold it in. I told them in no uncertain terms that I had plenty of coins to put on their eyes when they died.

It was harsh I admit. A few of us spoke to the Lich again, Damon is his name. He gave me one more bit of information, I am supposed to head to the western coast. For what I don’t know but it might ease some of my concerns I guess.

Then a new person has come to our group. His name is Rendu and there’s something about him that makes me incredibly nervous. I think there might be a spell or something that he’s cast, or maybe the titans put on us, but I seem to be affected more so than the rest of the party. As soon as I saw him my mouth was dry and I couldn’t speak, and I felt sick to my stomach but it wasn’t entirely unpleasant. Flee (who turns out has as many layers as an onion, I’ll tell you more with permission but I don’t have it right now) told me that she would help me to find a potion to help my symptoms, because she didn’t think a lesser restoration spell would work.

Other than that there was some drama with trees. It makes me mad just thinking about it. IDIOTS! That’s the word, I just remembered. Yes, it was those two again. I tried to punch Actaeon (it didn’t work, I swear he doesn’t need the helmet, his jaw is made of iron.) I’m not often prone to violence like that but he was just so… ARRRRGH. Is e apathy an taobh eile de chùram. Chan eil mi apathetic. Tha fios agam.2

We are headed towards Ellandyr, we’ve been summoned.
I’m not sure when I will be able to write again. I hope you are well and healthy. I hope it’s warm where you are and you have plenty for your pipe.
gaol agus gràdh,3

1 Druidic: “Fool/Idiot”

2 Druidic: “Apathy is the other side of care. I am not apathetic. I know.”

3 Druidic: “love and affection”