Letter 37

Dear Herkus,

It was a close call. There were several moments that could have ended horribly for our group. Also have I mentioned I HATE RUGS! At least I got to torch this one. 

The minotaur, Graxis was his name, hunted us relentlessly. He could warp in and out of spaces. At one point I was alone and I truly thought I was going to die while the others were fighting Eos knows what in a locked room. Then another trap went off nearly taking out Actaeon and Torag. Shadow was injured horribly when he had to go off on his own to stop the trap. Clio teleported as much as she could to try to help him and I shifted to give some cushion in case I had to take a hit to protect Flee. 

We made it to Xander’s tomb. Then the real battle started. I’m so grateful you taught me so much and that, while I wasn’t very good at it before I left, I am much stronger now and can cast with more speed and strength than I did before. Everyone fought so well. They were all amazing. We got the weapons we needed and thankfully we can leave this place. 

I found out something that I’m not sure how I should feel about. I guess one of the former Dragonlords betrayed them and worked with the Foxtail tribe to take the dragon eggs. It said centaurs were part of the ambush that killed Xander and Actaeon’s dragon companion Sevatarian. I’m not surprised but I wonder if the Foxtail did more than steal the eggs, or was it the Vega? Should I feel as guilty as I do? If it WAS my clan that brought about a great amount of pain to one of my new companions, Will he resent me for it? I know it doesn’t make sense for him to feel that way but what if he does? I know more so that most the pain that my tribe is capable of inflicting on others. I guess the only truly kind tribe I know of would be the Noya. The Sunsmiths always follow the Vega, and Scorpions are outcast. I know nothing of the Whitewell. 

Even amongst the horrible revelations in Xander’s journal, I think Flee is quite excited to speak with Damon the Lich on the bridge. Turns out he, too, is a changeling. I hope he helps her find her way to what she is seeking. 

We caught up with Dia and I can’t wait to get out of here. I never want to come back. I’ll write more soon.

With love,