Letter 32


We had a birthday party! It was fun but I don’t think any of us really understood it. Including Flee, who was actually born at this time. Well, technically tomorrow, but she wanted something to celebrate today because it is her and her husband’s anniversary. He died about 10 months ago. So sad. 

She gave me a gift as well as everyone else. She got me a 4 leaf clover, I’m going to put it in my pouch with the thistle from Jadus and the leaf from your tree. She also got me a book of etiquette. It’s meant for children but that’s okay. I guess she meant it as a joke but honestly I think it might help me to know how to interact with people and not make things so awkward. 

I gave her a wooden moth I had carved. She reminds me of a moth. She changes, if far lovelier than she realizes, and is attracted to light. I had the crafter put in a little pebble from our day on the beach when she caught the fish. I think she liked it. 

I then drank a small sip of something that made me feel like I was in the stars. I bet you’ve had it but if you haven’t had it before look into trying Star Liquid. Please be careful though. 

Then Flee told a ghost story. It was fine I guess. I wasn’t super thrilled afterwards. I was kind of terrified honestly. It’s like she took the best parts of storms and art and neat places and made them horrible. Then I saw a figure behind me. I talked to a tree who couldn’t see the figure. It was the worst. It was all Dia. 

This is all after I told everyone that I thought they were like little woodland animals and that I felt I should protect them. So it wasn’t so much that I felt superior as I felt responsible for them. They did NOT take it well. I really need to study that book.