Letter 30


Remember when we talked about the moral dilemma of having only enough potions to save 10 people but there are 11 who need it and how do you decide who should be the recipients? Well I just experienced a far worse moral dilemma. A man had to choose between serving Khar’shan or Kiora. If he picked Khar’shan his only son would be spared death but many others would die, but if he picked Kiora his son would perish but he would save many many lives by his death. 

We were there to give advice or at the minimum our thoughts on the subject but ultimately it was up to him. He chose Kiora. I know that could not have been easy in any way, shape, or form. I like to think I would know which path I would personally take but unless I’m in that situation, how could I say for sure? 

Khar’shan was upset. She sent nasties to attack us. Returned was what they were called. I know, how very unexpected, right? Again it was not a good fight. There were innocents in the market. Shadow people were surrounding us. 

I’m sorry but I took a few risks that were unwise. I took several hits and it was bad. I promise I’ll be better in the future. I ended up taking a long walk to clear my head before I sat down to write this.