Letter 29


Remember when I said that I did not enjoy drinking from the Horn and how I wanted to avoid that. Well, today was stressful and I took a page from everyone else’s book and had some. 

There was yet another fight/misunderstanding in our group. Shadow caught an egg snatcher and wanted to keep it as a pet. Actaeon let Triple A eat it. I wasn’t sure how to mend this or if I should.

When we got back to Altea most everyone else went to the tavern to drink and Actaeon was informed in no uncertain terms by Shadow that he was not welcome. 

So I figured I would try to mend a few things. I got a bottle of wine and went to find Actaeon to see if he would come back with me to the inn and join us. He took a few swigs but I don’t know I guess I was tired of babysitting everyone else and I took a swig… then another… and then another… I don’t remember much but I do know I went to what I think was a fortune teller. But he had egg snatchers! So I bought one and then told Shadow it was a peace offering from Actaeon. I guess Actaeon also made him a new bedroll. 

Again, I was told I was a good friend. This time from Actaeon. Again, I disagreed. But it was kind of him to say anyway.

I figured out some gift ideas for the birthday party. I am getting grass seeds for Clio so she always has a bed. I have a special piece in mind for Flee. I want to get a journal for Shadow. After talking with him about his experience I thought that maybe if he could write down his thoughts on his family he wouldn’t feel so disoriented about them. I’m not fully sure what to do for Actaeon yet, he just likes pointy things. But I finally thought of something for Torag but I’m not sure he will like it or not.