Letter 26


Troglodytes are horrible creatures. They attacked but luckily we had all had a chance to rest. I don’t really want to get into the details except do you remember when you tried to show me that spell with the rose thorns that created a spike growth on the ground? I used it and I’m so grateful for learning it. It slowed some of the onslaught. 

I might have a bit of hero worship. Azorius somehow infused my quarterstaff with strength and flames. It. was. Amazing. I fought like I never had before. Is this why others like fighting? This powerful rush? Once it was over I just felt exhausted. 

I think I’m going to make a gift for Flee. I have an idea that I will talk to Azorius about. She showed me marks of her trying to kill herself and begged me to take the dagger Actaeon gave her. I have an idea and if anyone can do it Azorius can. Did I mention how amazing he is? He’s pretty amazing.