Letter 22


Thank you for giving me so much experience in babysitting drunks. 

They Noya can sure hold their drink and are a fun lot. Chief Hakar gave us some potions to thank us for our help. I have never been around so many centaurs in such a… pleasant way? It was almost overwhelming. 

The next morning before they left I gave the one I nearly left behind in the caves my sling. I felt guilty because I would have let him die. I was being honest and I told him that but I guess it came out weird. You should have seen everyone’s faces. They could scoop gravel, their jaws were dropped so low. It was horrible. I was just trying to be nice and apologize. Flee said she would help me learn how to talk to people, like I am teaching her fey. I hate to admit it but it might be a good thing. My face hasn’t stopped being red for an hour now. 

Well, back into the horrible caves and mines we go. I hate it so much.