Letter 20


I met members of the Noya! I don’t know much about the Noya, not many do, unless you are part of their clan. It seems that they don’t blindly follow Amalj’aa. Chief Hakar seems very kind and considerate. I didn’t expect that. I admit I was perhaps a bit awkward around all of them. I just don’t know how to act. He gave us a few warnings and requested we keep an eye out for some fallen members of their tribe. 

I guess we are heading out now. They gave us a horn to use if we needed their aid. I will admit I almost wished I could abandon this current quest and ignore the dragon mark on my side and beg them to let me stay with them. There’s so much I could learn about my culture and race from them. Like random things. Do centaurs dance? I would love to try. 

But I guess it’s to the mines we go.