Letter 2


Finally went to see the Oracle. Got delayed by stupid fire fiends. Got burned, but I’m fine. Fought a few other nasties. Heath changed his form several times. Never knew a mortal could do that. He tried to play it off as magic but even I know that’s not how that works bc he could still cast spells. Anyway, I’ve decided I hate doors and rugs. I tried opening a door to go into a basement (already an annoying task with my four legs) and 4 swords attacked me. We went to the basement to “save” the oracle or whatever. The rug attacked me. Who puts a rug on an island in a basement? No one, that’s who. That’s why it was enchanted and attacked me. I felt so stupid. Anyway Heath helped me out. My hair was a bit burned but I’m otherwise fine. The centurion and cat and Clio “killed” it. Then we fought a sea hag. Then the Oracle gave us her prophecy. There was quite a bit to it so I won’t bore you with all of it. Basically we have specific tasks we have to do. I personally need to speak with someone in the Necropolis. That sounds horrible. By the way, this person is a lich. Every time I see this mark on my side I can’t help but glare at it. It’s no better than the one on my back. I just have to focus, right? 

Oh, you were right. I shouldn’t be so curious about others. I overheard things between Actaeon and the Oracle. They know each other REALLY well. I cannot unhear things now. 

Made an Oath of Friendship with the others. I guess we are all stuck with each other now. I know that is better than going at it alone but I’m not used to being around so many people, or having so many depend on me. Yes, I’m having a pity party. Oh, Heath is Flee, and Flee is a changeling. Never heard of that race before. I’ve decided to think of her as someone who isn’t mortal but isn’t fey either. I can’t wrap my head around what she is. I guess she’s whatever she wants to be. How nice would that be?