Letter 13


The thing that cast a dancing spell on me, I wish would have improved my dancing skills. Which yes, I know are non-existent. I have four left feet and that stupid spell did nothing to improve it. Did you see all of that? Could you hear the commotion? 

Oh, the way the dryad was making goatlings. I don’t have a weak stomach but yuck. Those poor girls. 

I can’t help but feel bad for the gygan. I didn’t think there were any left. 

But… I didn’t realize. Herkus, she targeted Clio. It was horrible. Clio… I’m so glad we could save her but there wasn’t much I could do up until that point. It was chaos in that room. Again I wonder if it’s my fault. I care about Clio deeply. She was my first real friend after you and Jadus. Is this yet another part of my curse or something that has nothing to do with me at all? I never want to see her or any of our group again like that. Not even the ox.