Letter 1


I made it to the Sour Vintage with Clio the dryad. We didn’t talk much on the way here. Once we got here, we found the others with the marks. All mortals. There was Heath a human, Shadow a cat person, and in the tavern what I can only guess is another human by the name of Actaeon. He never showed his face. He has a lot of armor. Oh, and Dia. She’s a bard who I guess is meant to “help us.” No mark on her, though. People keep staring at us. I hate it. I don’t know what to say. The salad at the tavern was okay.

We fought a Ceratops. The “Waking Sun’s Avatar.” It was huge. People who were meant to help us died. Not the bard. I performed funeral rights properly. I might have saved a chicken.