Journal Entry 9

Dear us,

I hated and loved this extremely long day. So much has happened that included a large range of emotions such as confusion, excitement, joy, grief, boredom, and despair. After talking with Candle, I thought my comrades and I should celebrate tonight. We had a lot of success today that included defeating Delica and gaining passage to the games with the help of our mystic coaches. I went back to the fisher’s market and bought five bottles of their top-shelf wine, including: Ellandyr Glowfire, Mintcherries Wine, Heart of Wine, and Ellandyr Nectar. I also bought so much wine to make sure I had enough to help me process the answers I hoped to receive tonight.

After purchasing the wine, I met up with the party (except for Actaeon and Rendu) at the Temple of the Five. Clio and Leef entered the temple as Cuz, Briar, and I looked at all the plants that surrounded the temple. I tried connecting with Briar but I failed. She said that I reminder her of her father. I didn’t know how to respond to that. I don’t even know if I am a father, let alone a good one. It wasn’t Briar’s fault. I just didn’t know how to answer.

Clio and Leef returned and Clio mentioned that she needed information on the constellations, so we went to the Academy Arcanum to search their library. I don’t like libraries. It was very boring. Cuz and I found an old that that displayed the aqueduct system of the city but it may be outdated. We will have to do some recon to discern if the map can in fact lead us to the minotaur market and if we can use it to help the minotaurs escape. We also found a pamphlet on how to pick locks. I told Cuz that there was no useful information in there that I couldn’t have told him myself. I said I would teach him everything I know. However, I might have to reteach myself first because it’s been a while since I lock-picked. It was productive coming to the library but I didn’t like it. I was relieved when we left.

We made our way back to the sacrifice of Delica and the celebratory feast. The biggest reason for our attendance was to be sure that Delica was indeed sacrificed. Once the feast started, Leef and I stuffed our bags full of food and left. We arrived at the estate, got out the food and wine, and I made a toast for the day’s success. We started to relax and recover from all the day’s events.

When the celebration was coming to an end, I signaled for Clio to follow me into one of the guest bedrooms. I inquired of Clio about her magical abilities as she was able to communicate with Leef’s mother last night, and I was wondering if she had the means to communicate with you. Clio said she could but that she would need to see a picture or some physical presentation. I then left and immediately asked Leef if he would follow me. Once back in the guest room, I asked Leef if he would be willing to change his form to look like you. Leef first changed his form to look like me, and then I gave him details and directions that led to a gradual transformation from me to you. I couldn’t look Leef in the eye. It felt like my heart was rupturing, slowly but surely, and if I did, I would break.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Clio needed me to describe you and your personality. You were a competitor but compassionate, and you were strong but humble. You loved being outdoors and fishing. You loved your family and it was hard for you to come to Ellandyr. I described how you were my anchor and helped me to be the best version of myself. Everyone looked up to you as you were funny, kind, charitable, and trustworthy. You were worth more than I ever deserved.

At the conclusion of my description, Clio said she had everything she needed to perform the spell, but we had to wait until tomorrow because she was too tired to cast any more magic. I thanked both Clio and Leef for their help, and I took Thumble and my last bottle of wine and entered Rare’s room for some rest… I will hope for at least one more night.

Your black knight,