Journal Entry 8

Dear us,

What a day, River… What a day. For the most part it was a really good day. In fact, it was a really fun day. However, I am also very terrified… I will explain, but first I must talk about our mishap on our way to the summit. While traveling to the summit for the qualifications, we found a man, Eronus, praying in the middle of the street to Kiora, asking for a hero. Leef asked if we could help. Eronus explained that he gambled away a good sum of his girlfriend’s money. She was obviously unhappy and broke up with him. His girlfriend’s name was Delica. Eronus asked us if we would talk with her and convince her to reunite with him. We were apprehensive in helping him but he promised that he wouldn’t gamble her money ever again. I personally think she might be better off without him, but we agreed to do what we could.

We made it to the summit and the centurions explained that we were a little early for the qualifications and that we would have to wait a little bit. While we waited, we inquired about Delica. Eronus said that Delica was tall and blonde. The centurions were confused because the Delica they knew was not. We asked if we could talk with her and they led us into the colosseum, and we found ourselves in the courtyard with the Sun’s Avatar of fire. We were obvioulsy confused because we didn’t come to fight but came to talk with Delica and to qualify for the games. We voiced our concerns and the host came down and talked with us and the dinosaur. The Sun’s Avatar explained that she was Delica and Eronus was cursed because he stole coins from the Temple of Khar’shan and will be eaten. Delica also explained that if we don’t fight and sacrifice her first, the League of Storms would come and sacrifice her in the name of the titans which would allow the titans to grow in power. At first, we were hesitant to fight because this was not planned and we were not prepared for this battle. However, we accepted the challenge because we refused to let the titans get stronger. I was personally nervous to fight Delica because I knew that non-magical weapons would have no affect against her. I was in a predicament because my bow was not magical. I am waiting on Azorius to forge a bow from the ebony wood that I sent him. I did have an adamantine short sword that has some magical properties, but that would mean that this fight would be up-close and personal. I took out my shield and my sword and took position next to Actaeon, fighting alongside him. Even though Delica packed a punch, we were victorius and defeated her. briar and I wanted to sacrifice Delica as soon as possible, but the centurions explained that they would sacrifice Delica that evening during a feast and celebration. Reluctantly, we accepted to wait but expressed our desire to sacrifice Delica to Kiora. This could be huge for us so that we can gain some protection against Khar’shan while we sleep.

After the battle, we were escorted to the waiting room to wait for the qualifications. While waiting, Briar accused Rendu of placing a spell upon us all… Fear crept into my mind but Rendu promised that he never did such a thing. Then Actaeon came over, wrapped his arm around me, and started explaining “the talk”. Briar got very red, angry, and, I believe, embarrassed. By the time I started to realize what was occurring, Briar walked away flustered. Even though I understood that Briar mistook her own attraction to Rendu with a casted spell, the thought of being under a spell has taken root in my mind. I mean, it would make a lot of sense. I cannot explain how the world has flipped upside down and no one has any recollection of me and my family. But magic could explain it. Magic might be the problem, and magic might be the answer to my predicament. Maybe Khar’shan has me, my family, or everyone else under a spell… Is there magic that could manipulate peoples’ memories and make others disappear? While on this line of thought, I was thinking about what Leef told me about her mother and how Clio was able to communicate with her. Could Clio somehow make contact with you or Rare? I mean, it might provide some answers. However, I am scared of what may result. If there’s no response, that could confirm everyone else’s recollection that they never existed. Or it could support my notion that they were taken from me. It might be a moment of truth and it terrifies me. What if you never existed? If this is true, what am I fighting for? I guess it’s better to try and find out than living in ignorance. Right?

After some time waiting, the qualifications began. I have to admit that this was a lot of fun. I missed competing with you, my brothers, and the others from the hunt. In order to be part of the games, you have to qualify through one of the following events: javelin throw, discus toss, foot race, long-jump, wresting match, boxing match, and archery. I signed up for the foot race, boxing match, and archery. You could also have a mystic coach to aid you with magical means to accomplish these tasks. I was asking my comrades if one would like to team up with me but I think my voice was lost in the excitement of the events and I didn’t end up having one, but that’s okay. I don’t need magic! Torag, Rendu, and Actaeon also signed up for the qualifications as well.

Rendu and Actaeon competed and qualified in both the javelin throw and discus toss. Torag and I competed in the foot race. Even though I didn’t have my best race I was able to take second place and qualified. Torag had a rough one. We might have gone out too hot. Rendu, Torag, and Actaeon took turns wrestling a drunk gorilla for the wrestling qualification. Each of them defeated the gorilla and qualified. I felt bad for the gorilla but he might be too drunk to realize what occurred. Then Torag, Actaeon, and I took turns boxing another gorilla for the boxing qualifications. Even though this gorilla was not drunk, each of us defeated the gorilla and qualified. Lastly, I competed in archery. I qualified but I think pops would be a little disappointed with my performance. I wasn’t able to hit the target that was 900 feet away. Maybe I should spend a little more time perfecting my aim.

After the qualifications, my comrades wanted to do a little more shopping at the bazaar, but I needed some time to think. A lot has happened since arriving in Ellandyr and it hasn’t been easy being back. I wanted to think about the possibility of communicating with you and what this would mean for me and my quest. So I decided to go to the fishers market, buy a new fishing net, and fish for a little while. Maybe catch some food for after the feast. I told the group I will meet them back at the summit for the big celebration that would take place later that evening. 

When I arrived at the fishers market, I approached one of the fishing merchants, a dwarf with a really long beard. His name was Vern. I couldn’t help but ask if he saw other tabaxi from the Starfall Hunt lately. He said that he hasn’t seen anyone from the Starfall Hunt in a really long time but he sees the Blackwood Hunt as they go on fishing expeditions on a regular basis. Vern also mentioned that while at sea that he saw a golden city on a dragon turtle… To be honest I don’t know if I heard right or my imagination was getting away from me. Maybe this conversation never happened but I think that is what he said. If we ever gain control of the Gjallarhorn, I would like to look for this golden city. At the end of our conversation, he remembered that he has seen a tabaxi from the Starfall Hunt recently. Her name was Candle and she worked as a gravedigger. Once I heard this article of news, I took off for the city gate entrance as fast as I could.

I couldn’t believe that I found her. She is an older tabaxi with brown and white fur and she just got off work. I tried to start walking and chatting with her naturally but I am sure she was a little confused why a random tabaxi is making conversation with her. I told her that I was part of the Starfall Hunt and I wanted to be in contact with another tabaxi from the Hunt. As we were talking she noticed the dragon pierced tattoo that I unwillingly obtained soon after losing you and Rare. She then pulled me somewhere more secluded. She mentioned some clouded trespassers on the burial ground and she suspects that they are up to no good. She asked me if I would be willing to look into it. I accepted the task more than willingly as I wanted to help Candle. I thought it would be good to be up front about my insanities so I briefly explained my situation. I don’t think she believed me but she looked honestly concerned for my well-being. I also asked if we could meet up once in a while and have a drink. She appeared ok with that request. I also let her know if there was anything she needed to please let me know. I can’t explain it but I really wanted to help and be part of Candle’s life. I know I’m creepy. Maybe I should just leave the poor tabaxi alone. Anyway, I left telling her that I needed to check in with Thumble. She appeared confused at that statement as well. 

Your black Knight,