Journal Entry 4

Dear us,

As I explained earlier, our group is kind of a hot mess. We exited Xander’s tomb and Briar was upset about something. She was asking if we died, would we like her to help us return to life. That was a difficult question because I would want to come back to life only if you and Rare were still out there and I am still unsure if you are. Sorry again, but I don’t know anymore, but I am searching, my love. I am hoping… But I think Briar was mostly upset because Torag and Actaeon act so carelessly, which will probably result with their deaths. Briar then marched off but returned soon with another fellow named, Rendu. He is green and is apparently Torag’s cousin. Rendu’s mom is Palladia, a goddess. This confirmed my theory. I was taught growing up that children have resemblances to their  parents but maybe it’s the opposite. Torag looks nothing like his dad, grandfather, or his cousin. He is a minotaur like his uncle, but for the most part, none of Torag’s relatives are of the same race, except for his uncle. 

I was also wary of Rendu because he also has the tattoo of the pierced dragon, but where has he been? At first there were just a few of us and then Torag came along with the tattoo, and now Rendu. They say that the titans can’t fake that tattoo but I can’t help to think that the titans are trying to send a spy to sabotage our mission. But everyone else accepted Rendu with open arms, so it may be my own paranoia. I know they say that the titans can’t fake this tattoo but I can’t explain my past and current situation, so… anything is possible, right?

Rendu came to look for us and to find a particular tomb, Estor Arkelander’s tomb. While Dia, Flee, Briar, and Clio went to speak with the lich, Actaeon, Torag, and I guided Rendu to Estor’s tomb. Rendu is searching for his mom who went missing. I then knew I could trust Rendu because that’s my mission as well. We are both searching for family. I wonder if he thinks he is also going insane…? But we found a hat that was previously owned by Palladia and I was able to detect some illusionary magic within the hat and tomb.

We then rejoined with the others and left Necropolis. As we were leaving, I remembered that I needed some ebony wood to make a new bow at the forge. I remembered finding a dark ebonwood tree on our way to Necropolis but I forgot about it at the time. As we exited Necropolis I found another but it was 100 ft down on the cliffside. There were discussions if it was worth the risk but I thought it would be better to find another ebonwood tree with less risk involved. Flee, Rendu, Dia, Clio, and I decided to go back to camp. I was so excited to see Thumble again. He is so good at snatching eggs! Yes, River, I made a new friend, an egg snatcher. I named him Thumble like our old egg snatcher that we had on my family farm. He is a good dinosaur. I think Rare would like him. 

When we returned to camp, Rendu found another one of the ebonwood trees; this one was not a cliffside. I was able to chop it down with ease. Soon Briar, Actaeon, and Torag returned with the tree that we found on the cliffside. When Briar saw that I found another one, she got really angry and punched Actaeon. However, I don’t think it fazed Actaeon very much. The guy can take a punch. 

As we were settling in for the night, I wanted to create some snares to catch some wild game. I knew my chances of a catch was slim as everything appeared dead but I missed living off the land and hunting. Do you remember some of our old hunting trips. You were the very best hunting partner. You saved my life many times. The way you smiled each time you saved my neck… I miss it so.

Afterwards, my comrades and I began to relax for the night. Briar asked me if I could help her get some animal pelt for new armour. Obviously, I accepted… I miss hunting trips.

We also played a game called two truths and a lie. Do you remember that game? I thought that game could be good for us so we could get to know each other a little bit better, which in this case helped because we learned that Flee was an excellent dancer. Rendu played some music and there was interest in seeing Flee dance but Flee didn’t want to dance alone. I then offered to dance with her. I can’t help to see a little bit of Rare in her. You would like her. I would say that I would be a lucky dad if Rare grew up to be a fine young lady like Flee. 

It was also a good thing I got those ebonwood trees because some flying machine came to give us a message and take some of our stuff to the forge so that Torag’s grandpa can help us upgrade our armour and weapons. I am pretty excited to upgrade my bow. But it also makes me sad because the bow I currently have was given to me by papa. However, I know to be able to compete with the titans and their plans, I need stronger weapons.

I miss you and I hope you and Rare are doing well. If it helps at all, today was a good day.

Your black knight,