Journal Entry 3

Dear us, 

I have to admit that this trip back into Xander’s tomb went a little bit smoother. I am amazed with some of my comrades’ abilities. These are very extraordinary people. I have seen a lot of soldiers and I have fought a lot of foes, but my current friends are quite amazing and possess some spectacular abilities. With that said, I do think we could work on some of our IQ when making important decisions. That will become more clear as I explain today’s events.

This time around, when Torag’s uncle appeared I was able to mark him. You know that special ability where I can track and hunt foes more easily. Yeah, I placed a mark on him and was able to determine his general location. This helped as we navigated through this maze, but Torag’s uncle continued to come, attack, and then teleport. We fought some skeletons, a rug, and a mimic. After defeating the rug and mimic we found a lever. We pulled it, we heard a grating noise… that was it. We then found a big room. The majority of us were wary of this room, but Torag and Actaeon were not. They rushed into the room and tried to open the opposite door. As they attempted to open it, the door they entered through shut and the walls were closing in. I instinctively thought that the lever that we pulled earlier could stop the walls from crushing Torag and Actaeon, so I ran. I ran as fast as I could to get back to that lever. Clio came after me but I was afraid to lose Actaeon and Torag and time was not on our side. However, this left me exposed and was attacked by Torag’s uncle. He cut me off from the lever and I was badly wounded and I had to run back toward my comrades. I eventually found Clio… I was very relieved because I feared for my life. Fortunately, Torag and Actaeon were able to stop the walls from inside that exact same room. So, I risked my life for nothing…this is what I meant earlier. I could have died because of their carelessness. I am willing to sacrifice my life for them, but I would not be happy to die if it could have been prevented if they could be a little more careful. I need to find you first…

We are able to proceed through that room and come upon Xander’s burial ground. As we approached Xander’s tomb, Torag’s uncle Graxis appeared. He did not like Xander. Apparently, Xander has killed and enslaved Graxis’s people. That’s another reason why being in Necropolis was difficult. As you read these tombstones, a lot of these prior dragonlords were terrible people. Some of them were good but a lot of them were bad. Xander seemed to have some gray to his life. Anyway, the battle began. Then the weirdest thing happened, Xander’s spirit appeared. He spoke, took his axe and shield from Torag’s uncle and helped us defeat him. I was able to land an arrow at a glowing wound on his head and he perished. I need to speak with my comrades to make sure that Xander’s spirit did in fact appear because that’s not possible right? At the end, Xander gave his axe to Actaeon and his shield to Torag. Xander also spoke to us, something about how he hoped we would be better than the first order of the dragonlords. I didn’t pay him a lot of attention because I didn’t think he was real and I was in a lot of pain. In the end, we were able to complete the last task.

River, do you think that we can help stop the titans from destroying the mortals? I know we are a special group of people, but these are titans. River, I know the possibility of us succeeding in the venture is low, but I would die to find you and Rare and protect the people.

Your black knight,