Journal Entry 27

Oh River, it has been so long since I wrote to you last and so much has happened since the great games. For the most part it’s all good news. I believe the next adventure was literally the next day after the great games. The oracle revealed that there’s a turncoat on the League of Storms that could be of use to us. His name was Demetri and was hiding within the Adonian Canyon within the Obsidian Sierras. The League of Storms was also looking for him and time was of the essence. We set out to look for him, and Oh boy, did we find him, killing League of Storm soldiers along the way. We found Demitri pinned down by Captain Jorge, but we were right, it was not Captain Jorge. We later learned that he was a draconian dreadnought. We intervened and we were able to defeat the dreadnought and rescue Demetri. However, Demetri’s real name was Malikos, Demetri was a name given to him by the League of Storms. The oracle was also correct regarding the services he could bestow upon us. He had a lot of intel on the Isle of Yonder which is a base of the League of Storms. While on the Isle of Yonder we can recover a critical piece of the Antikythera, rescue Leef’s mother, and retrieve information regarding Clio and her abilities.

Once we returned to the estate we prepared for our voyage to the Isle of Yonder, including preparing the Gjallarhorn. In fact we divided up the roles/responsibilities while on the Gjallarhorn. The assignments are the following: Captain, Rendu; first mate, me; helmsman, Actaeon; ballistas operators, Torag and Pholon; boson, Ilharg; cook, Briar; quartermaster, Clio; surgeon, leef. We also found a stowaway on the Gjallarhorn, the Lady of Coins. She is waiting until we go the Amazons to dethrone her sister. Yes, I hate this very much. Having a medusa on board until we reach the Amazons, which may take awhile, makes me very nervous. As we got closer to the Isle of Yonder the following missions include retrieving the piece of the Antikythera and Actaeon’s armor, saving Leef’s mother, and searching the library for information. Malikos informed us that the piece of the Antikythera is with Chondrus while Actaeon’s armor is in Commander Gaius’s quarters. Therefore, we divided up into two teams. Clio, Torag, and I (team A) went to search the library and chondrus’ room to search for information and for the piece of the antikythera. Leef, Briar, Rendu, and Actaeon (team B) are to search Commander Gaius’s room for Actaeon’s armor and the prison for Leef’s mother. For the most part, it went really well. Not only were team B able to recover the armor and save leef’s mother, they rescued three other people as well. Team A was also successful in recovering the piece but didn’t gain much information from the library. However, we did kill Chondrus and took his head… Sorry, sorry, too gruesome but it was relevant and I’ll tell you why in a little bit. Eventually the two teams met up and were making our escape back to the Gjallharhon. However, Commander Gaius and his dragon, Lachesis attacked us as we reached the Gjallarhorn. Luckily, we were able to defeat Gaius, his dragon, and his echo. Yeah, his body came back after he died…Afterwards, I gave Leef Chondrus’ head, he can communicate with the dead if the head is present. I know a little weird, and maybe a tad dark but helpful. We were able to gain some valuable information from this… technique. One, we learned how to get to Khar’shan which is by sailing into the Bloody Neither Sea and find Hypnose, Khar’shan’s ship. To get to the Nether Sea you have to be swallowed by a certain whirlpool. Next, we learned that you and Rare are there. That you are alive. So I know to rescue you, we have to find the Hypnos. Also soon after killing Gaius and his dragon, Actaeon received a “feeling” of where the dragon’s horde was. We found it but it was small for the size of Lachesis. The hoard should have been 5-10 times bigger. This raises the question of whether Lachesis was magically aged? 

Concerning the next step, we wanted to start finding dragon eggs and creating alliances in case war begins once the oath ends. Therefore, the next stop was the Island of the Sleepy Drake. However, upon our arrival we noticed a blight that plagued the island. Once we met with the triad they told us that the dragon egg was in the tomb of Jasena Vedrak but asked for our help with the blight. We obviously offered our assistance. We made our way toward the tomb and we fought ghosts and there were multiple puzzles to solve. However, we got to the end where we fought another dragon, Salamul the Dreadsower, and a mimic. It was a bit embarrassing but for a second I was terrified and ran away, but I recovered my mojo and returned to help slay the beasts. Eventually we did. Similarly to Lachesis’ horde, Salamul’s horde was smaller than it should be. However we did find my family sword’s scabbard. I don’t know how yet but by retrieving my family artifacts will get me closer to being ready to come rescue you. Another step closer. Additionally, we found the dragon egg which called to Actaeon. Somehow Actaeon knew its name, Malkarion. We returned to the triad that told us that by defeating Salamul the blight was beginning to disperse. They also gave us an incubator to help hatch the dragon egg. Apparently it needs a lot of magic, in this case, lightning. Before leaving Sleepy Drake, Leef asked his mother to stay here. Riesz was reluctant but eventually agreed. That night we had another Khar’shan nightmare. There were people shipwrecked and became very desperate that led to cannibalism. Luckily, nothing happened to us but frightening all the same.

Next stop was fire island. We received word that they also had a dragon egg and maybe willing to join us against the titans. We were welcomed by the Flamescar tribe, the return of Sa’kull helped with that. Once they knew that we were the dragonlords they wanted to help us retrieve the egg but they also needed help. There’s another clan here, the Firewalkers. Their king, Kroq-Tor left their original God, God in the Fire, and now serves Amalja’a. They want us to go and kill Krog-Tor and they would ally themselves with us. The next morning we started our search for the dragon egg and kill Kroq-Tor. Along the way we fought and killed firewalkers. We also met two cyclops. One was mean and we had to kill and one was nice and wanted to help us. In fact he makes weapons and was forced to make weapons for Amalja’a. He seemed very eager at the opportunity to help us by helping Avorious at the Mithril Forge. We also rescued some Flamescar members including Sel-Makor who is huge. He wanted to help us bring Kroq-Tor down. Eventually we reached Kroq-Tor, but he wasn’t alone. He was riding a t-rex and there was a small dragon, a shaman, a fire elemental, 8 firewalker skinks, and 2 nymphs. Unfortunately, yes, these two nymphs were recognized by Clio because they were former members of her family. River, this was the craziest battle I have ever been a part of. Leef performed a spell that made insects everywhere that inflicted pain on our enemies. Briar turned Sel-Makor into an enormous dinosaur who was very eager to fight Kroq-Tor which helped us have additional time to get rid of the other enemies first. Actaeon turned himself into a dinosaur. Clio also had balls swirling around her that helped protect her. Torag was holding/throwing creatures into the swirling insects of doom. Rendu was constantly protecting and healing us. It was amazing. To see how far we have come and how well we work together now is amazing. In the end, we conquered them all. It was over. I am now sitting here surrounded by lava and I am tired, hot, and in pain. Nevertheless, we are alive and we succeeded. The next stop/adventure is……. undecided but I will let you know once we decide.