Journal Entry 23

Dear River,

It was a great day for a race… make that two races. Yes, it was a 300m foot race first and followed by the chariot grand prix. Both were exceptionally fun!

First was the foot race. I was the only one from our group that qualified for this event. Torag should have but he must have had an off day. I almost didn’t qualify because I ran that race without thinking through my strategy. I started too fast and I almost paid the price at the end. This time I hung back for the first half. During the 2nd half is when I started to make my move and I barely squeaked out the win. It was super close! I couldn’t help but laugh afterwards because I probably shouldn’t have won that event either. Lady luck must be on my side because I have no other explanation of how I am doing this. 

Next was the chariot grand prix. Actaeon, Torag, and I competed in this one together. There was some violence at the beginning of the race, but soon it was just Actaeon, Torag, and I racing up front and we committed no violence against each other. It was purely just a race. All three of us tied… for 1st place. It was awesome! 

That evening we gathered around the dining table to discuss the great relay that will occur at the end of the great games. We have too many people for one team so we were thinking of forming a second team so everyone can compete. We also realized that Kano hasn’t formed a team yet for the great relay. We invited him over and proposed that a few of us would join him and his team. It was agreed that one team would include Leef, Briar, Torag, Actaeon, and I. The other team would include Clio, Rendu, Ilharg, Pholon, and Kano.  

Later that evening I decided to go talk to the Oracle. I wanted to talk to her about my vision and about the vacant general position. I told the oracle about my vision that I received and was completed after praying to Kiora. However, the oracle was unsure if it was a vision or a memory but it sounded familiar to her. As to why the general position has never been filled was unknown to her. Lastly, I asked the oracle if it would be wise to continue prayer and worship Kiora and she responded with, “Only good things would come if you were to do so.” That answers my question. You know me. I have never been religious, but I think I will start to be a follower of the goddess Kiora. It appears that she may be my best shot of fulfilling my quest.

Take care my love,