Journal Entry 21

Dear River,

After the contest of the Sunken Souls, we were invited to the Dapper Dragon. I haven’t gone since I took you there. It felt weird to go back without you, but luckily I have my friends to accompany me. Usually this inn is very expensive but, since we are competing in the games, we got free meals and drinks. That was pretty cool. I wish you were here, not only to eat with me at the Dapper Dragon but see me compete in the games. I guess I wonder if you would be proud of me. Not necessarily because my friends and I are doing well in the games but would you have imagined me in the games competing against others such as Spira. It would be cool to share these experiences with you. You were all about going on adventures and creating memories together. Since you and Rare disappeared, there aren’t any other experiences that I would want you to experience other than meeting my new friends. Most have been fighting those that serve Khar’shan and Amalj’aa, but this is different. I’m competing in the Great Games! I mean this is huge and it has been so much fun! I mean there is a purpose for why we are competing in the games and that is to prevent the titans from advancing their power, but this has been a lot of fun. My only wish is that you and Rare were here with me and that we could experience this together. I also hope that I am making you proud. I hope that I am redeeming myself a little bit. I won’t truly redeem myself until I find and rescue you, but I hope this helps a little bit. I hope that finding and retrieving these lost family items will bring me closer to finding you. I feel like it will…

It was a fun night at the Dapper Dragon. Rendu really does have a good heart. As soon as we got there, he ordered everything on the menu and brought some food outside to offer to those in need. I wanted to join him because I do want to help people. I might not be as thoughtful or considerate as Rendu but I do want to help people. To our surprise, we did find two young children looking for scraps. With Giannis and food, we were able to calm the young ones. They said that their parents were busy working and they often wandered through the streets at night looking for scraps. Rendu then gave them some money and I told them the location of the estate. I told them to stop looking for scraps and stop by the estate when they are hungry. I hope they do. I hate the thought of young ones wandering the streets at night. 

Afterwards, I went back inside and talked with Kano. He is a good man but I wouldn’t say that his goals are noble. He wants to become immortal through stories and reputations. He means to succeed in this venture by bringing down THE son of avatar. He didn’t directly ask us but I think he wants us to work together to bring down the beast. I told him that this could be a win-win for both of us as we could sacrifice it to one of the five immortals. We agreed to talk more about it after the games. I should ask how old he is because even though I think his goal to build a golden reputation of himself seems silly, back in the day I may have had similar aspirations. But after losing you, concerns about my reputation seem silly. There are a lot of things more important than one’s reputation. There are better goals to have. I wonder if it’s his immaturity that wants such things.

I then left Kano and sat by Clio and watched Rendu and Leef engage in their magic battle. It was very entertaining watching Leef floating and glowing due to Rendu’s magical abilities. It was obvious that Leef was drunk and both Rendu and Briar would restore him from his drunken state, but he would keep drinking and would get drunk again. It also got a little awkward when Kano sent a drink over to Clio. Rendu interpreted the gesture as Kano “hitting on Clio”. You brought me a drink when I first met you so Kano might have been hitting on Clio but I wasn’t sure. I just hope that Leef doesn’t get blue due to Kano’s gesture, but Clio seemed indifferent towards the gesture, so Leef might not have anything to worry about…

I woke up the next morning and I went to the bathhouse. I wanted to warm-up with some laps in the pool. I then met up with the rest of the group at the colosseum. There they announced the events for the day which were… javelin and King of the Hill. 

Only Rendu and Actaeon from our group did the javelin throw. It was a great and exciting match but Rendu pulled out the win. I did not think that Rendu could throw a javelin farther than Actaeon but he did. Rendu now has one point for the great games. 

Soon after the javelin throws we were gathered around a tower for King of the Hill. We were to climb the tower and stay on top of the tower as long as possible. We had to defend ourselves and try to push each other off for a set amount of time. As a group we decided that we wouldn’t try to shove each other off. We didn’t care who won as long as one of us wins to help further our cause. Then at the end, if it becomes apparent that one of us will win, we can start trying to shove each other off. Before the start of the event, Lumi came and told me good luck and casted haste on me. I love that spell. I feel so fast!

As soon as the horn blared, I raced to the top. At the top I was joined by Actaeon, Torag, and an enormous Rendu. Briar made Rendu double in size. Also Rendu and Torag were flying. Rendu has wings and Leef gave Torag some boots that allowed him to fly. While at the top I saw Hatria down below. She was sponsored by Khar’shan. Right then and there, all I wanted to do was to make sure she does not win. In fact, I wanted to completely destroy her at this event. That’s what I did. Took her a while to get to the top. When she did I clawed at her face. However, I have to admit that she knocked me off right after I attacked her. Soon after falling, a flying dinosaur knocked her off. While she was still on the ground I climbed as fast as I could back to the top and waited for her. When she got back to the top of the tower I kicked at her head and she fell again, but this time she didn’t get back up. Mission completed. I could see the clerics tending to her but I was trying to let them know that they didn’t need to do that. They ignored me or were too focused on trying to help Hatria get back to her feet. I took a look around and the other chosen ones were focused on others that were trying to get to the top of the tower. Soon not only were there flying dragons trying to knock us off, there were elementals that appeared. They would make these huge gusts of wind and were trying to knock us off of the tower. I just bared my teeth and stood my ground as long as I could. Soon, a horn sounded and the dinosaurs and elementals were called off and the event ended. Torag won! No one was knocking him off. I got second, Actaeon got third, and Rendu was fourth. 

That was so much fun! I was mostly just happy to knock Hatria down to the ground. Suck it Khar’shan! Your athlete is a loser!

Miss you love. I wish you were here,