Journal Entry 20

Dear River, 

Well, today was the first day of the great games. In the morning we had archery. None of my friends qualified for this one so I was the only one from the oracle’s chosen competing this morning. There were four other competitors: Hatria, Kano, Egan, and Jorge. Lumi was there as my mystic coach. She is an interesting character. She’s like one of those senile crazy old ladies but at the same time are very wise and kind. Yeah, that’s her. She would refer to me as “dear” and “sweetheart” which was weird. I got a little annoyed with those nicknames because I called her “oldie”, but she didn’t seem to mind. However, she still cast bless on me before I competed. I should have been nicer to her. I should have been more grateful that she was willing to work with me in the first place. I owe her and Candle big time. I have to admit that Kano and Hatria have good shots, but I did pull out the win. In fact, I broke the record for the most points! It felt nice to win that one. If there was one thing I always prided myself on, it was my shot. Pa would make me spend many hours working on my shot as I was trained to hunt for the family. If I lost, I feel like I would have failed Pa. I wonder if Pa would have been proud of me if he knew… When I did win, Briar sent out some sparks that said, “Shadow, your hunt is proud of you.” I couldn’t help but to smile. I love my new hunt. I congratulated Kano on his success. He seems like an interesting character. I asked if he would like to go hunting sometime. He seemed eager to accept.

Later that day we had the grand spectacle called the Sunken Souls. The point of the contest was to evade monsters in the water and find treasure. You collect treasure and give them to your mystic coach. Different treasures are worth different point values and the first one to get 20 points wins. It was a little nerve racking to know that I was swimming in water that had monsters in it. However, Lumi cast a spell that made me quicker in the water. However, Clio was able to make Actaeon super fast in the water and placed a spell on him that prevented monsters from attacking him. Leef performed the same spell on Torag. I pushed myself as much as I could but I couldn’t keep up with Actaeon with his new turbo swim. Actaeron won, I got second and Torag placed 3rd. I told Actaeron good game. It was great to see the three of us sweep the top three places. The others in the competition got bogged down by the monsters in the water. So far, so good. Right now it seems promising that one of the oracle’s chosen will win which helps us defeat the titans. However, there are a lot more competitions left so we can’t get cocky. We have to keep up our guard. I think there is a celebration tonight. I think I’ll just get one drink and go home. I gotta rest up. I wonder which competition will be tomorrow.

Tell Rare that I won the archery in her name. Papa was thinking of her in each one of his shots.

Love you, River