Journal Entry 2

Dear us,

River, I have to admit, Necropolis is worse than the rumors that surround this place. Would you believe that in order to enter this graveyard you have to give a lich a dragonlord coin? Well that is the truth… I think. However, this place was very depressing. It’s the burial grounds of the original order of the dragonlords. We also found some of Actaeon’s past brothers in arms. I have lost brothers in arms while in the army so I can understand some of the pain that Actaeon suffered as he had to visit this dreadful place. 

However, we found the grave that we were sent to find: Xander Huorath. He was the very first of the original dragonlords. Would you also believe that as you enter Xander’s tomb that there would be a maze and a teleporting minotaur trying to kill you? I believe that also occurred today. I believe this minotaur is Torag’s uncle, but Torag denies it but his lineage doesn’t make any sense so I still believe it. Yes, River, you may have guessed that we were not prepared for something like that and we had to retreat. Some of us were hurt pretty bad from Torag’s uncle. 

We spent the night in the mausoleum to recover and strategize for the difficult task that was placed before us.

River, do you remember the day we met? You were wearing this long, green emerald dress. You came over and asked me out and we went fishing the next day… I have to think of memories such as these to help me relax and go to sleep.

Your black knight,