Journal Entry 19

Dear River,

What an exciting day! All good stuff! It all started with the dinosaur race. There were two races: the regular dinosaur race and the unchained race. The unchained race is the race where the dinosaurs are allowed to attack each other while racing. Clio registered for the normal race with a dragon that she apparently won from a bar…. And Briar was nowhere to be found. Usually I am known to be able to read in between the lines but today I was a fool. Clio didn’t win a dinosaur from a bar. This dinosaur that Clio will be riding is Briar. She shapeshifted into a dinosaur and named herself Little Feet. Actaeon signed up for the unchained race. He will be riding Triple A. We all placed wedges and I placed a bet on Clio for the normal race. Afterwards, I went looking at all the dinosaurs that were going to race. With a quick glance I noticed a man trying to coerce his very nervous jockey to get on a sharp-toothed dinosaur. I went and introduced myself and offered to ride the dinosaur instead of their jockey. The jockey was very pleased about this and his father was a little comprehensive but agreed after hearing my experience riding dinosaurs in the army. Thus, I was able to race with Jungle Princess.

First was the normal race and Clio and Little Feet (Briar) easily won. It was very entertaining watching all the dinosaurs and how quick many of them lost steam in the middle of the race. Clio and Little Feet did a great job having a more conservative attitude at the beginning of the race. Then it was my turn. Jungle Princess and I took the start line beside Actaeon and Triple A. Soon after the race started it became apparent that Actaeon had no intention of racing. He wanted to fight the other dinosaurs. It was complete carnage. Since Triple A and other dinosaurs were mostly more motivated to attack each other it allowed Jungle Princess and I to escape for the win. Needless to say that the owner of Jungle Princess was very pleased with the victory. I was very surprised and impressed with Jungle Princess and how well she responded to my directions. I asked the owner if he would be willing to sell her to me and if so what would a fair price be. He mentioned a price but I told him I would pay him 200 more than the price he offered. He was confused why I would offer to pay more than what he thought would be fair. You know I am no businessman, but I wanted to be sure that he was rewarded for his skill and effort in training Jungle Princess. He did a marvelous job and I thought she was worth it. Obviously he agreed and I took Jungle Princess back to the estate. When we got back I cast speak with animals to introduce Jungle Princess to Giannis and Thumble. I had to really emphasize to Jungle Princess that Giannis and Thumble are not food. I think she got the message. I think my friends think I am crazy because my number of pets are growing… We will need a farm to house all of my new pets… I am sorry ,love, but they’re family now 😀 Plus, Rare will love spending time with Giannis and Thumble, and we can take Rare out on a ride on Jungle Princess. Also, Jungle Princess will be very useful in travel and combat in the future. She is mighty quick and ferocious. I think she’ll be worth the purchase. 

Soon after the termination of the dino races, the opening ceremony was to begin. King Acastus had a few words. It was a bunch of nonsense of how he has restored the second order of dragonlords and will bring peace to Ellandyr. Queen Aamintou spoke next about how we need to be unified in order to defeat the titans. Lastly, Commander Gauis spoke and wanted to start the sacrifice of the minotaur. However, Leef spoke out and offered for Actaeon to fight instead of the League of Storms. The Oracle accepted this offer. Clio, Briar, and Leef casted spells on Actaeon to aid him in his fight. It was a good battle. Leef casted a spell that took away some of the damage that Actaeon would get on a hit, but that was because Leef was taking the damage that Actaeon wasn’t getting. It was hard to watch Leef wince every time Actaeon took a hit. However, Clio, Briar, and I were there to help if Leef was in serious danger. After an exciting battle, it was apparent that Actaeon won as he had his axe over the minotaur who laid defeated on the ground, but Actaeon did not give the final blow. Actaeon spoke against the minotaur trade market and said it was a disgrace. Clio added her words as well and that the minotaur trade market was indeed slavery and should be illegal. Additionally, it was contrary to what Queen Aminitou advised, which was for us to be unified, not disjointed. The minotaur was very happy to have his life saved. 

See, all good stuff. It was a very fun day. Tomorrow is the start of the great games. I believe I compete in archery in the morning. Wish me luck, love. I think I’ll need it.