Journal Entry 18

Dear River,

After rescuing the children from the temple of Khar’shan, there were about five days until the great games and we were advised by Queen Aminatou to relax and recover. She wants us to save all of our strength for the great games and pursuing other objectives might not be wise. We took her advice. The opening ceremonies begin tomorrow and we tried to relax.

It was weird to have so much down time. Even during my time in the military I never had five days to be home with you and Rare. It’s easier when I am engaged in tasks to help keep my mind busy. With more free time, I can’t help to think of you and Rare and the tasks that my friends and I are trying to accomplish. I also think of Pa and Ma and my brothers Quill and Wave. I wonder how they are doing? They are probably busy collecting the harvest. I wonder if Quill has found his wife? I probably won’t be invited to the wedding even if he did. He would probably stay close to help with the farm. They may even expand the farm. Quill was the son that my father always wanted. I had to be the rebellious one and wanted nothing to do with my Pa’s farm. However, it was the best decision I could have ever made because I found you. Even though I don’t have any regrets leaving Pa’s farm, I can’t help but feel that I failed him as a son. I know I disappointed him with my choice to leave and go to Ellandyr… I know you know all this but it helps to write what has been going through my mind. Since I have more free time, the more I am thinking and the more dark thoughts come to mind. I do try to keep myself busy.

One thing that I have been busy with is training Giannis. He is such a gentle creature and  he could make a great scout and tracker. We started working on simple tasks such as fetch and lie down. We need to learn the basics and then I can help Giannis learn the more complex tasks. He made good progress for the 1st week but we have a long way to go. I would say that with nine more weeks of work we could have Giannis in top form. 

There have been some interesting social dynamics occurring. Leef has been taking Clio on a few dates. I am happy for them. It’s nice to see Leef become more and more comfortable with himself and trying to find happiness even though all the challenges and strife he has had to face. I think Leef also helps Clio to relax a little bit, too. Clio tends to smile and laugh a little bit more with Leef around. I don’t know where this relationship is going but I wish them the best because I love them both. Clio and Leef have been amazing friends and I want them both to be happy. 

One evening, Leef asked me if I could teach him how to lead a dance. He says that knows how to dance but he has never had to lead. I was glad to help and I couldn’t help but ask him about Clio. Leef was apparently surprised that I already knew that he liked her. I told him that I was happy for him. I also advised him to make precious memories together. This advice came to mind because memories are all I have anymore. When things get tough I think of some of my most precious memories of you and Rare. When I need to go to sleep I think of our wedding day. When I am lost in despair, I think of when Rare was born. When I am scared, I think of you and Rare and I find the courage. I didn’t realize before how much I cling to my memories but that’s what keeps me going. I hope Leef and Clio make some awesome memories together.

Do you remember when I told Briar that we should spend more time together? Well, Briar asked me to go catch some fish and we would cook some food. That’s what we did and I even brought the recipe I wrote down from the chefs from the Sour Vintage. It was nice to chat with Briar and get to know her a little bit more. Similarly to Leef and Clio, she has a rough past as well. Briar has been carrying a curse that appears to be passed down from her ancestors. This was a curse placed by both the titans around 500 years ago. However, her curse is very much tied to her psyche. The curse wants Briar to fall in love and then will rip her love away from her. I told her that I want to help her break this curse. I feel like even though we have a team goal we all have personal goals and I want to help each one fulfill these goals and I feel like my friends want to do the same for me. Briar, like Leef and Clio, said that she wants to help me find you and Rare. I am truly grateful for my friends. We are in this together and we have each other’s backs. Even though I lost the Starfall Hunt, I have a new Hunt. 

Well, tomorrow are the opening ceremonies. I believe the dinosaur races are tomorrow as well. I want to race but I don’t have a dinosaur. I hope I can find someone with a dinosaur that I could ride. 

I’ll let you know if I get to race. 

Take care,