Journal Entry 17

Dear River,

After our short rest, we took off to meet with Torag’s sister, Kalista, at the Siren’s Roost. Torag has a lot of siblings, and they all have different mothers. I don’t know how I would feel meeting unknown siblings over and over. He seems like he takes it well. He must have already accepted that his father has had a lot of lovers over the years. You and I both grew up with our siblings, and all of us had the same parents. Additionally, we all knew each of our siblings well. It would be weird to wonder if there are more siblings out there. Interesting life.

Anyway, Kalista led us through the aqueduct system to the gate of the Temple of Khar’shan. When we arrived at the gate, there was a man named Phasis. he was one of Kalista’s friends who promised to be a lookout for us as we looked for the children held hostage in the temple. Long story short (since I don’t remember this night very well) we fought some death dogs. Then we found the children, along with a three-headed dog, a cerberus. It was a brutal fight but we were able to defeat this monster that serves Khar’shan.

As expected, the children were in a lot of fear. But Leef changed his appearance to look like Queen Aminatou and helped the children to follow him out of the temple. Upon further investigation, we found the bones of their parents laid before an altar… These poor children… The more I learn about Khar’shan, the angrier I get. The more I want to kill her. The amount of pain and death she inflicts on this world is incomprehensible. She must die. Unless Clio wants to deliver the final blow (as I know she wants to kill her, too), I want her to die by my arrow. However, I din’t know if we can take her. We are a powerful group of soldiers but I fear that we may not be enough to take her and her brother…

We brought the children back to the real Aminatou and she promised to take care of them. The children will go to good families or the orphanage.

It was an eventful day. We got a lot done. We are making progress. The Great Games are coming up, which is exciting.

I hope you are well, love.

Your Black Knight