Journal Entry 16

Dear River,

As a team, we have two objectives that we want to accomplish before the great games begin: save the minotaurs from the minotaur slave market and save the children that are hidden within the temple of Khar’shan. Since the sacrifice of the minotaurs occurs at the beginning of the games, this was our highest priority. We had received a note while we were gone about meeting the Lady of Coins on the Harp Bridge at night, however, during today’s morning breakfast we received another note that said that we can meet her at the Harp Bridge at day or night. As soon as we finished breakfast, we made our way to the Harp Bridge. I was a little disappointed that we have to leave for Harp Bridge so soon because I had a lead on a potential mystic coach. While talking with Candle last night I mentioned how I needed a mystic coach for the great games. Candle revealed that she has an older sister that has magical gifts.Her name is Lumi and told me where I could find her. I am a little hesitant asking Lumi for her assistance because of her age. Candle is an older tabaxi and we are talking about her older sister. However, she is a fellow tabaxi of my hunt. I wanted to go meet her and see if she could be a viable option, but here we are on the bridge where we found two sketchy creatures. In order for us to meet The Lady of Coins we had to be blinded and deafened. Even though we were hesitant about such conditions, we accepted the terms. We were being led on for a very long time, but I was able to determine the different directions and how many steps were taking in each direction. Eventually the spells were broken and we were before a medusa, the Lady of Coins, surrounded by multiple statues. All of these statues were holding musical instruments.. We now know where the missing bards went.  

Lady of Coins had her connections for intel because she knows that we went to see the noble about the bounty on her head. She was therefore confused because we accepted a mission to kill her and then came asking for her help with freeing the minotaurs from slavery. We explained that we have no intention in fighting her, we heard that she was freeing the minotaurs and we wanted to help her. The medusa was intrigued but not with helping her with freeing the minotaurs. Lady of Coins is actually the sister of the Queen of the Amazons. She tried to take away the throne from her sister but she failed and was exiled for her treason. She has been freeing the minotaurs hoping that they would join her and her army, and one day return to Talys and dethrone her sister. However, freeing the minotaurs and building her army has been frustratingly slow, and she heard what we have accomplished in a short amount of time. Therefore, she proposed that if we help her gain the throne, we would have her word that she and none of the amazons would serve titans and their armies, we could have access to the amazons and be able to plunder what the island has to offer. I liked this offer. Usually I don’t want to involve myself in sibling rivalry over a kingdom, however, the amazon queen serves Khar’shan. They will serve in Khar’shan’s army and they will fight us and those who stand against the titans. Also, the queen has our family’s sword. Therefore, I was in favor of this deal, though this does not help us helping the minotaurs. We were trying to discuss a deal with the medusa that would include the freedom of the minotaurs but we were stumped. Even though the minotaur trade market is a terrible practice, it is not illegal. If we were to start killing noblemen that held the contracts for the minotaurs we would be considered murderers. If we were to represent the five immortals and help bring people in unity to serve them, being criminals would be detrimental to this goal, and the medusa was not providing other viable options. After a while of being stumped on how to proceed, we asked if we could discuss and tell her our decision in the morning. She agreed and offered the black market for any purchases. I think Leef is a shopaholic because he was very excited about going shopping again. He likes to spend coin. After accepting her offer we were blind and deafen once again and we were lead to the Snake’s Den.

I have to admit there were some cool items here at the Snake’s Den. I did purchase some physical poison that I could apply to weapons. I also bought some arrows that are effective underwater. These could be beneficial for the great games because I believe one of the contests involves swimming underwater and retrieving loot from a sunken ship. Lastly, we found an interesting/disgusting creature. It was a mimic but he was interested in the ghost gunk that we found after defeating the ghosts on the Ship of Gjallarhorn. We would trade some of this ghost gunk and we would receive a random magical item. We received some really cool stuff. Briar got some shoes that made her super fast. I received a scimitar that was also very fast. I haven’t used a scimitar since being in the army, but none were as cool as this one. I was a little more confident fighting in close combat now. 

After shopping we left the Snake’s Den and found ourselves at the docks. Leef wanted to board our ship to talk with Arkelander. Rendu and I joined him. It was an interesting conversation. Leef asked a series of questions to Arkelander and it was apparent that he believed that all fey were bad and that mortals and fey can’t live together in harmony, and it was his mission to destroy fey. He doesn’t care that he is cursed as long as he can continue his mission. Lastly, Leef inquired about the whereabouts of the treasure of the dragonlords. Arkelander would provide the information if Leef makes an oath to bring one of the times from the treasure back to him. Leef declined the offer. Rendu had a few questions and comments for Arkelander as well. Rendu was getting more and more angry while we were talking with Arkelander. After leaving the ship, Leef explained that he was told that he needs to find this treasure in order to fulfill the prophecy. We will find a way but it was obvious that Arkelander was not one to work with. Then Rendu and Briar left. To do what, I have no idea. 

The rest of us returned to the estate to discuss the Lady of Coins, her proposal, and the minotaur trade market. Luckily, Dia arrived and had a great idea. We can accept the medusa’s proposal, but to free the minotaur from the market is a long-term goal. But to save the minotaur from the sacrifice at the beginning of the games, one of us could fight the minotaurs and win and spare their lives. We would then speak out against the minotaur slave market and hopefully make it illegal one day. This way we can save the minotaurs from death and eventually from slavery as well. We also have a means to get to the Talys and retrieve my family sword, and place one on the throne that won’t serve Khar’shan. It was a win-win-win. Since helping the minotaurs can wait until the day of the opening of the great games, that means we can focus our efforts on helping the children held hostage in the temple of Khar’shan. We will start that mission after lunch. 

Afterwhile. Rendu and Briar returned. Both looked like they just came back from the bathhouse and in bad moods… Once they are ready, we will head out.

Your Black Knight,