Journal Entry 15

Dear River,

This was a perilous journey. When we reached the Dead Falls, we asked Pholon to stay back with Corinna and Triple A as we continued forward. As we were traveling deeper into the Dead Falls, the walls of the cliff were closing upon us and threatened to squish us. I didn’t notice until Leef was pushing me from behind. Once I realized what was occurring I grabbed Leef and put him on my back and ran as fast I could out of there. Luckily, all of us escaped the trap unharmed. We then traveled through a tunnel that led to a lake with a ship with black sails. It was the Ship of Gjallarhorn. It was very eerie as we could hear whispers and chatter from the ghosts that now haunt this ship. We searched the ship looking for Estor Arkelander. Most of the ship was empty. When we were on the bottom deck we found unresponsive zombie ghosts aligned on both sides of the ship with oars in hand. At the head of these zombie ghosts was a female zombie ghost that asked if we were ready to go to Ellandyr. At first we told it no, and  we continued looking for clues of Estor Arkelander’s whereabouts. After some time of no progress, I think Leef got frustrated because when we were asked for the fourth or fifth time if we would like to go to Ellandyr, he said yes. The boat went underwater…We all ran to the top deck and clung to the edge of the ship as it sailed beneath the surface of the water. Soon after we popped to the surface and saw the deck was full of specters, including Estor Arkelander as he was assembling his crew.

It was weird because I felt like I was part of the crew. I had faint memories working under Captain Arkelander as we destroyed gygan homes. It was like I had been here the whole time, but that didn’t make sense because my original memories were still intact. It felt like we were stuck in a dream.

Once we were assembled around the captain, he spoke to us. He announced that he will have to appoint a new captain for the ship of Gjallarhorn because he will become immortal and will have to abandon his current title. He then referred to the seven of us and asked if we would like to be considered for the position of captain of the ship of Gjallarhorn. If so, we have to make an oath to protect the ship of Gjallarhorn. Actaeon, Torag, Leef, and I stepped forward as willing subjects to make this oath and have a desire to be the new captain of this ship. I can’t explain why I felt an impulse to be considered for captain. What came to my mind was that I need this ship to find my family’s sword and that means I will be another step closer to finding you, so I submitted my name for consideration. Arkelander further explained that in order to wake up from this dream we have to find and destroy three specters that were considered traitors to Arkelander. The 1st was the quartermaster (Devos), 2nd was the navigator (Metron), and 3rd was Skathon. If we fulfill this task we will be released from this dream and whoever impresses Arkelander the most will be announced as the new captain of the ship.

Well, that’s what we did. We ran across the ship and destroyed each of these ghosts. It was strange fighting something that was already dead but still had a personality. These were interesting… ghosts. However, we were able to fulfill the objective. I gotta say I love my new bow. Just the way it feels in my hands. The movements feel smoother and quicker as I let the arrow fly. The string of the bow is more responsive but yet more powerful. It’s also strange to dock lightning blue infinite arrows. I have to admit that Rare’s Thorn is deadly. I all have to thank Azorius for such a magnificent gift. Maybe I should give him something in return… What would a God of the Forge like? Maybe he would like spicy salmon?!

After destroying the last ghost, we ended back on the ship’s deck with the stars overhead. The ship was moving fast and we could also see land from afar. We were back from the dream. We went back to the captain’s quarters to talk with Arkelander. He congratulated us on our success and offered the captain title to me. He mentioned that I would have all his power and this power could overthrow the titans. While he spoke I could sense that he had an ulterior motive. This was also a man that was cursed by Khar’shan. If I were to accept this title along with his power, would I become cursed as well? I have to admit that I was tempted to accept because I know that currently I am no match for the titans and having such power from Arkelander could even out the odds. However, I couldn’t risk being cursed, so I declined. Arkelander was disappointed but continued to offer the position to each of the rest of us that were in consideration, but all of us declined the offer. Arkelander then mentioned that we don’t want him as an enemy and left.

After Arkelander took his exit, I went back to the deck to inspect the ship because I was unsure if we were successful in recovering the ship because no one accepted the captain title. I tried to command the ship, but the ship continued its course to Ellandyr. We might have the ship but we have no means to control it.

When we arrived to Ellandyr we were greeted by an audience. Queen Aminatou and Ellandyr civilians watched as we arrived to port. King Acustus then flew overhead with his dragon and landed. He started to mock us saying that this ship won’t stop the titans, and dragons will. I can’t say that I disagree with him. I think the ship will help us carry out future objectives, but dragons might be more effective in fighting the titans. However, I know that he wanted to discredit our success in front of his people so that the people would think more highly of himself and follow him instead of us. He was worried that we are destroying his reputation. He is a coward and doesn’t care about the people. He only cares about himself. I also don’t think he cares about bringing down the titans. If anything, with the right deal, I think he would turn his back on his people and help the titans. The Arkelander lineage is full of scum. It was nice to have Queen Aminatou there to vouch for us. It was clear that she was happy to see that we were safe and successful in recovering the ship of Gjallarhorn.

Once we were free from the crowd and the queen, I wanted to see if I could find Candle on her way to work, but I didn’t know where she lived. I wanted to talk to her and tell her that the mystery within the graveyard was solved. I also wanted to catch up and see how she is doing. Fortunately, I found another grave digger and I was able to pass along a message to her asking if she would be willing to catch up at the Satyr’s Tail later that evening.

I spent most of the day training Thumble and Giannis how to scout ahead to assess dangerous situations. It was obvious that Thumble and I needed practice as we failed at the Dead Falls. While we were gone we received a letter with interesting lettering. Ilharg said that it was easier to read at night. Ilharg was super nice and took care of your home. He fixed a few things that were broken and cleaned it up a bit. I need to get him something for his help. Maybe I should try cooking that spicy salmon that I ate at the Sour Vintage and give some to Ilharg? I should also mention that I felt super bad that Pholon, Corinna, and Triple A were still waiting for us near the Dead Falls. Luckily Clio was able to communicate with them and tell them that we were back in Ellandyr, but I feel bad that they traveled all that way to be left behind and have to hike back. Maybe I should make some spicy salmon for them as well.

Later that evening we went to visit the queen. On the way, Briar and Clio offered to provide more vegetation to the courtyard of the estate so that I could feel more comfortable. I was conflicted. I would like that but I don’t know if you would like that. However, Briar also mentioned that she could form a wall of trees that blocks our estate from view from the street which would be good to have a little bit more privacy. That was very kind of them. I told them that if that also helped them feel more comfortable at the estate I am all for it. It was obvious that my friends were concerned about me and I have to say that even though I feel cursed by Khar’shan, I feel so blessed to have such amazing friends. There’s no one better to be at my side while we try to bring down the titans. They know it’s hard for me being here in Ellandyr and Leef tried cheering me up with a wand that made bird calls. I couldn’t help but smile.

Queen Aminatou had some news about the Ship of Gjallarhorn. First, there was only one spirit that was aboard that ship. We speculate that this spirit is Estor Arkelander. Second, the Queen was willing to pay to make some upgrades to the ship. My friends and I will have to talk about which upgrades would be best for our group. Third, we don’t need the title of captain to control the ship. All those that made the oath with the ship can control where the ship will go, though we can’t command the ship until we have the compass, Antikythera. The queen will send scouts to look for it.

After the meeting with the Queen I went to the Satyr’s Tail to chat with Candle. It was so nice to talk with her. I think she felt a little uncomfortable because I forgot that this inn is a little rough around the edges. She was also confused that I wanted to hang out with her. What can I say? She’s part of my hunt. She is family and I also like her company. It’s nice to have someone to share our adventures with. I know she thinks I am crazy but I enjoy her company and I feel little judgement from her.

Lastly, we looked at that letter at night. It said to meet the Lady of Coins at the Harp Bridge at night. Guess what we will do tomorrow evening.

I am glad to say that we completed another objective today. We retrieved the lost Ship of Gjallarhorn. I am proud of my friends. They are truly amazing people. Even though we have individual challenges and obstacles, we are moving forward. We are progressing. We are achieving impossible tasks. It makes me miss Brom… I hope he is doing alright where he is.

I hope you are doing well. I hope Rare is doing well. I love you, River, and I am coming. Little by little, I am making my way back to you.

Your Black Knight,