Journal Entry 13

Dear River,

I liked today. We learned a lot from todays events, but it was knowledge that made us, especially Briar, uneasy. However, I feel like my group of friends and i are becoming more than just a group of soldiers, but it is starting to feel like more of a family.

After packing up in the morning, Keledone came and dropped off some gifts from Azorius. Torag and Briar got their shields, and Actaeon got a war axe. I will be honest, I was very disappointed that my bow hasn’t arrived but then Keledone mentioned that it’ll be back in two days with other gifts from Azorius. You know that my patience is limited and I have a hard time waiting for anything, but there isn’t much I can do about it. So I will have to practice some patience. I should enjoy the time I have with my current bow that my papa gave me. It has served me well throughout my time as part of the Ellandyr army, and it will be hard to give it up. But I think I will pass it on to Corinna if she wants it. I’ll need something stronger. A bow that is reinforced with magic. For example, when we had to fight the Burning Sun’s Avatar, my current bow was pointless as the creature could only be harmed by magical means. My new bow will fix that weakness that I currently have.

We began our trek to the Sour Vintage where this all started. On the way, we heard ripjaw raptors up ahead. Everyone except Rendu, Actaeon, Triple A, and Corinna sneaked forward to discern the situation. What we found was a centaur, badly hurt, surrounded by six ripjaw raptors. Clio used her crazy mind abilities to explain the situation to those who remained behind. The rest of us stepped in to help the centaur. The battle wasn’t long and we conquered these beasts rather easily. The centaur, Pholon, was appreciative of our assistance but he said that he needed a new “best friend”. In fact, if he didn’t find a new “best friend” to make a binding oath to serve this “best friend”, he would turn into a scorpion. This was another curse that was placed on all of those of the scorpion tribe once they became adults. Pholon had a rider but he died two days ago, and he had just one day left to find a new rider before he became a scorpion. The number of curses in this land is unbelievable. It’s just crazy. Since we didn’t want him to turn into a scorpion, Rendu accepted Pholon’s oath as his new best friend, but we explained that we will try to break this curse so he doesn’t have to serve anyone anymore.

When we were ready to leave, we noticed that Briar was missing. I was able to find some hoof tracks that led behind some bushes. I saw Briar in a melancholy state. I asked Briar if something was wrong and she mentioned that Pholon and I share our lives with others so freely. I asked if that was wrong but she said it wasn’t. I was confused, but it was apparent that something that Pholon said made her uneasy. I placed my paw on her shoulder and told her that I care about her and if she wants to talk, I am here. I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with everyone in the party, but mine and Briar’s has been the most difficult. I cannot explain why but every time we engage in a one-on-one conversation, it doesn’t end very uplifting. I think it’s a combination of Briar being very awkward and how easily offended I am that makes it hard for us to connect on a stronger level than just acquaintances. I think I need to learn to stop being so sensitive to everything Briar says. I have to take what she says with a grain of salt if I want a better connection with her.

We continued on our journey until it was evening and we stopped to make camp. To be honest, I feel so much better here in the wilderness, away from Ellandyr. Ellandyr really messed with my head and I feel so much more peace out here. It was also nice to set up some snares again. I just like being out of the city. I remember when I was young, Quill tried to persuade me to stay on the farm, but all I wanted was to get away and live in a big city. I was looking for an adventure but now here I am hating cities and wishing for the simple life that I once had. The only good thing that came from being in Ellandyr was meeting you. After I find you and Rare, we are selling our estate and we are moving closer to our families and starting our own farm. I don’t think I can handle living in a city anymore. I don’t want adventures anymore.

As I was setting up the snares, Briar came over to talk to me. She was grateful that I was looking out for her. Again, she mentioned that I reminded her of her dad because of the characteristics that I portray. I am grateful for what she was saying, but I feel like a lousy father and I don’t know if I am deserving of such a title. It’s kind of hard to hear that and not feel guilty because of how I failed you both. However, I know Briar means well and is trying. I also explained to Briar that I was grateful for her because she gave me this journal and I believe that this has helped me so much. I know my purpose and it provides an outlet to express my grief. It also allows me to feel like I can communicate with you. I know I am not because you have not read my journal, but it allows me to think of you while I express the day’s events. I explained to Briar that even though our relationship is not the best, I do care for her and it’s hard to see her in any sort of pain. I asked if she would like to hunt or fish with me sometime, but Briar didn’t seem keen on my offer because she is a vegetarian. I then asked if there was one thing she would like to do together, what would it be? She said she would think about it and get back to me. I just think it might be good for us to have more one-on-one interactions to get over this hump in our friendship.

Once my traps were set, I sat down and watched the magic show that Rendu and Leef were putting on. It was quite a show! When we were discussing who would take first watch for the night, I volunteered Clio and I to it. I needed to talk with her.

When the first watch began, I asked Clio for some personal information. I asked her about any information about Khar’shan that she might have, and I asked her why Khar’shan wants to kill her and why Clio hates her so. I know that Khar’shan is a hag and that all should hate her, but I was wondering what had happened in Clio’s past that has caused this hostility towards Khar’shan. Clio was nice enough to provide what she knows even though it was very personal. For the first 100 years of her life (she’s 220 years old, don’t ask me how), she lived among her pod of other dryads, 14 in total. All was well when one day all of the dryads in her pod went missing. Clio presumed that they died and went to stay with the Oracle, being trained on how to use her mental magic abilities for the next 100 years. But during those 100 years, Khar’shan has sent her minions trying to kill Clio. She doesn’t know why. In fact, she didn’t know that Khar’shan was directly trying to kill her until we found Demetria. It wasn’t until we found Athis being controlled by Khar’shan that we learned that her fellow dryads were out there. However, we don’t know if they are dead but somehow risen from the grave to serve Khar’shan, or they are alive and maybe they can be saved from Khar’shan’s grasp. Clio’s story was a sad one and I can’t imagine what she’s gone through. I don’t know if I could continue if I saw you or Rare being controlled and we had to kill you. Clio is so strong on so many levels. We will most likely find more from her pod and I really hope we can find a way to save them instead of killing them. There must be a way. I told Clio that we will kill Khar’shan and get the justice we deserve.

Like I said, I liked today because I feel like I became closer to both Briar and Clio, and I am starting to feel like I have a family again. You are irreplaceable but they are very close friends that I care for dearly. I believe they will help me get you and Rare back. We have a long way to go but we are working and progressing.

Your Black Knight,