Journal Entry 11

Dear River,

I am so, so sorry. I have been an ignorant fool. I have failed you and Rare in every possible way and you both deserve so much more. Going forward, “if” will never come out of my mouth and I know who I am. I am Hunter’s Shadow of the Starfall Clan. I was raised by my father, Mountain’s Bolder, and my mother, Star In The Morning. I grew up on the family farm and I had two younger brothers, Quick Quill and Defiant Wave. When I came of age, I left my family to join the Ellandyr army. I was eventually appointed as a general. During my time in Ellandyr, I found my wife, Coursing River, and we had a precious daughter, Rare Piece. My life was perfect, but Khar’shan took it all away from me. I don’t know how, but she did this. Khar’shan has some magical ability to erase people from existence and modify peoples’ memories. Additionally, I don’t know why she did this to me, but both titans seem to be targeting me and my comrades. Most of Khar’shan’s minions go out of their way to attack Clio, and one succeeded in killing her. It’s also safe to presume that Amalj’aa was responsible for sinking Leef’s boat and stranding him in the Emerald Isles, and for Torag’s curse as a minotaur. I know who I am, and I know what I am fighting for. Khar’shan will die from my arrow and I will bring you and Rare back to me. I promise. I know this was a complete flip from this morning, but so much has happened and I realize that I was completely wrong. I will explain why.

After resting at the estate, Briar decided to stay to make some potions while the rest of us went to visit the Neurdagon estate. His estate is very, very nice. Neurdagon might be the wealthiest of the noblemen. Additionally, the estate is heavily guarded. All of the guards appeared stressed and were on high alert. An assistant informed us that other nobelemn were being attacked and were disappearing, so Neurdagon tightened security. There were even soldiers of Amalj’aa at the estate. Neurdagon informed us that the Lady of Coins is a medusa and has been stealing from the rich and givine to the poor, all while killing the noblemen. Furthermore, she wants to take down the minotaur slave market. Neurdagon suggested going to Stygian Row to find more information on her. After leaving the Neurdagon estate, we discussed if we should work with the Lady of Coins. It seems like she is doing a lot of good and that our interests align. However, I wonder if her methods might be a little extreme. If we are trying to build the reputation of the Five Immortals, aligning with one that is known to murder might not be the right choice. However, we might be able to fulfill a lot of our objectives working together. We need to meet her in order to discern if we can work together. I hope we can because I don’t know if we can free the minotaurs on our own.

After visiting Neurdagon, we went to the Siren’s roost. Unfortunately, they had no information on the Four Winds. We were told that we might be able to find some intel at the Goat’s Tail. On our way to the Goat’s Tail, we found the twins from the temple of Khar’shan. They said that they would pay us if we found the bandits that stole their wine. I’ll explain this more later but we apprehended the bandits by accident. We didn’t want to help them but one of these bandits also stole the instruments from the temple of the Five Immortals.

At the Goat’s Tail, it was just one big bar fight. It was nuts. Things were constantly being broken. Rendu and I talked to a satyr that was performing for the bar. I mentioned to the satyr that Rendu plays the lute, and then they had a lute battle. The satyr played pretty well, but Rendu was quite amazing and put on quite a show. It was very entertaining. After the performance, we inquired about the Four Winds and the Lady of Coins. He told us that one of the satyrs from the Four Winds could be found in the vineyards outside of the city walls. He then pointed at two individuals sitting at a table who worked for the Lady of Coins. While I got a drink, Leef, Clio, and Rendu talked with these two individuals and asked them to give the Lady of Coins a message that we were interested in bringing down the minotaur slave market and we could work together. At this point, all we can do is wait and hope that she will reach out to us.

After the Goat’s Tail, Actaeon, Rendu, and Torag went to the library, while Leef, Clio, and I went back to the estate. While at the estate, Briar made some delicious mushroom soup and a health potion.  I have to admit that I was impressed. My friends impress me on a daily basis with their skills and abilities.

Leef also wanted to talk with me. He apologized for how this morning went. He didn’t agree with my decision this morning, and rightly so, but I asked if he truly believed that you and Rare were out there. He said that he did because I located our estate, I identified Rare’s room, and I described your features to him so he could change his appearance to look like you. Leef also mentioned that there is magic that could change or delete one’s memories and that we sometimes have to stop thinking logically. It’s hard for me to fathom for an individual to have such power. However, when I contemplate my vision, I don’t remember being beaten and strangled by the shadows. I don’t remember Kiora saving me. But I do know that I had this dream and I know that Kiora completed my vision after I prayed to her. I have to ignore the logic and realize that Khar’shan has far more power than I realized. Furthermore, Kiora saved me for a reason and I have to use this opportunity to do my very best to find you and Rare.

Soon after Rendu, Actaeon, and Torag arrived at the estate. It was more than a trip to the library. Torag was contacted by his sister who is trying to help captured children that are to be sacrificed by the next burning sun. We were then discussing which of these is our top priority. To be honest, I wanted to help the children. I understand why the group decided to go after the instruments first because, if we wait, our ability to find them would probably decrease. We also have until the burning sun (about 20 days) until they would be sacrificed. I just can’t bear the thought of them stuck in a cell surrounded by evil creatures waiting for someone to come help them. Every fiber of my being wanted to go help them, but I work with others and I can’t leave them. I would probably fail doing this by myself, and my group needs me as well. I guess this is one of the hard parts of working as a group. You have to compromise sometimes.

We went to the vineyard and to a fey glade nearby. We decided to go with a stealth approach and I casted a spell to deafen our movements.  We saw one satyr playing a harp and a group of satyrs dancing to the music. However, even with my spell, Torag was too loud and the satyrs were aware of our presence. Briar and Clio broke coverage to go talk with them. Once we knew that the harp that the satyr was playing was one of the instruments that was stolen from the temple, Rendu also came out and rebuked the satyr. Rendu then signaled for us to attack. Leef unleashed an enormous amount of power and blasted a hole through the satyr with the stolen harp. Again, my friends never cease to impress me, but I knew this attack was driven by anger and grief. The rest of the battle was a blur but we were able to recover the harp and I looked over at Leef and he was on the ground crying. River, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t for him and it makes me so sad that these are the cards he was dealt. He is a gentle soul and yet he is here as a soldier. Even though it has gotten better over time, I am still haunted from the first time I took a life. I sometimes see his face in my dreams. None of this should be part of Leef’s life, especially at his age. He is so young and innocent, and he should be with his mom and have a life full of peace and joy because that is what he deserves. I am so sorry, Leef. I wish a different life for you. Life was not kind to you even though the world is lucky to have you.

Again, most of this evening was a blur but we brought the satyr’s body back to my estate. We brought the body back because he was the bandit that “stole” wine from the temple of Khar’shan. I didn’t like the idea of helping Kar’shan’s minions, but they would pay us well. Afterwards, my friends and I went to an inn to drink and enjoy ourselves but I had no desire to be there. I left and went back to the estate. On my way back, I ran into Corinna and Triple A. I invited her inside and offered some leftover stew. While she was eating I started ranting about how much I dislike Ellandyr. There might have been a time that I enjoyed being here but I absolutely hate it here now. After she was done eating, I asked if she would like to practice some archery to kill some time and blow off some steam. I enjoyed giving some pointers to Corrina to help improve her shot. It was relaxing.  

Soon the rest of my friends came back to the estate but not in great condition. For the most part, all of them were drunk. I wanted to talk to Clio but she wasn’t in a good state to talk. However, Dia was there, and she could have some good advice. I explained to Dia what Leef said about ignoring logic while trying to explain what has happened to our family. Dia agreed and also confirmed that Khar’shan does indeed have such power. In fact, Dia remembered that two years ago Aminatou appointed a general for the army but that position has been empty for most of the last year. River, that was me. This is evidence that I am not crazy. The timeline aligns exactly when I was appointed as general. When Khar’shan took you away from me, she made it like we were never born except that my old position remained empty. I believe, River, and I am so sorry that I ever doubted what we had. I will never doubt again and I will find you or I will die trying. Khar’shan will regret what she has done. She unleashed the Hunter’s Shadow.


Your Black Knight