Journal Entry 10

Dear ?,

How do I start this entry? I guess I will just say that I received my answer/confirmation and all I want to do now is restart and focus all of my energy on helping my comrades and fulfill our objectives as the second order of dragonlords. I know my friends are real and I know that the evil we are fighting is real. I need to leave the unknown in the past and start anew and focus on what I know is real. There was resistance from my friends on my new perspective but I hope that they can understand that I appreciate their support, friendship, and kindness. I also hope that they can understand where I am coming from. I am broken and I am trying to rebuild myself. I just want to help Leef find his mother, help Torag and Briar break their curses, help Rendu reconnect with his mother, help Clio find justice, and help Actaeon redeem himself as a prior dragonlord, and most importantly, help bring down Kar’shan and Amalj’aa. This where I belong. 

I should also describe the dream I had last night. I was standing in a room with swirling color but I was bruised, broken, and bloody. My sword was broken in two. My bronze armour was chipped and the shield was cracked. A black shadow emerged and one of its back tendrils curled around my neck. Then there was a flash of light and the color disappeared and was replaced by a white void. The shadowy monster disappeared and I was left there with nothing but in rags. After this dream I woke up in a rage and left that room in ruin. I thought I died and Kar’shan was in my head again. I was wrong and there was more to this vision. I will explain later on in this journal entry. However, I ended up in the courtyard staring at the night sky and trying to fall asleep while laying in my salmon bedroll.

After some disputes between my friends and I, we were able to make a plan for the day. Dia provided us some information on the minotaur market and also disclosed that the Goddess Palladia’s instruments were stolen from the temple last night. While Briar and Clio did some shopping, Torag, Actaeon, and Leef went to visit the minotaur market to investigate and determine who holds these contracts of service with these minotaurs. Meanwhile, Rendu and I were to investigate the burglary that took place at the temple. The plan was to meet back at the estate by lunch to report back what we have found.

I have to say that Rendu is a good guy. He told me a little bit of the struggles he has endured with his mom’s absence. Currently, he wants to reunite with her. He mentioned that if he didn’t have hope he would have no purpose. I understand that, but even though all the hope for my past is gone, I have purpose. My purpose is being here with Rendu and the others and fight. I mentioned to Rendu that I just want a new start and I was thinking of renaming myself. After some thought Rendu suggested Blaze because I am hot-headed… I liked it. 

Once we arrived at the temple, we talked with one of the priests. He explained that they believe the Four Winds were responsible for the missing instruments. The Four Winds are a group of fey bards who oppose the Goddess Palladia. I found a trail of two sets of hooves that left the backside of the temple to the main road. However, the trail goes cold at the main road as the trail was trodden by other travelers, but we heard that the Four Winds were hiding at the Siren’s Roost.

After losing the trail, Rendu had a desire to pray to his mom. I asked him if he could teach me how to pray…It couldn’t hurt right? He explained that you kneel down and clear your mind and envision who you want to speak with and talk from the heart. I observed as Rendu knelt down to pray in front of his mother’s statue. I walked over to Kiora’s statue and followed Rendu’s instructions and desperately asked in my mind, “Please, I just need to know”… This is where my vision became more complete. I saw that the white light that  erased the darkness that was suffocating me. As I lied on the ground bloody and broken I saw a personage emitting this beautiful, bright white light. As my vision ended I looked at the statue of Kiora that resembled the same personage in my vision. Has Kiora been protecting me? I wanted more information and I prayed again asking for more, but there were no further answers.

I explained my vision and frustrations to Rendu. He said that he shared my frustration. While Rendu prayed, he heard a sad melody during his prayer. It was the same melody that he heard back at Necropolis. We then talked with an acolyte that was on duty while the instruments were stolen. He explained that he thinks he heard a female and a male voice but he didn’t understand what they were saying. Without realizing it, he fell asleep and when he woke up, the instruments were gone. This would make sense that this acolyte didn’t understand if the intruders were fey bards. They were probably speaking in sylvan. 

When we arrived back at the estate, there was a pleasant surprise. While undercover, Actaeon, Torag, and Leef bought one of the minotaurs and his oath of service was transferred to Actaeon. While this transaction occurred they found out who was the original contract holder. His name was Taran Neurdagon. Once back at the estate, my friends revealed themselves as the heroes of prophecy and Actaeon released this minotaur, Ilharg, from his service. As soon as Actaeon released him from his service, he wanted to help us destroy the minotaur trade. He also mentioned that Taran has a bounty on the leader of the thieves guild, the Lady of Coins. We had a common cause because the Lady of Coins wants to bring down the minotaur trade market as well. We might be able to work together to accomplish this mission.  

We decided that after lunch we will go visit Taran and take on the bounty and hopefully gain some information where the Lady of Coins is hiding. Then we will go to the Siren’s Roost and hopefully find Palladia’s instruments. Briar decided to stay at the estate with Ilharg to make health potions while the rest of us fulfilled these tasks. 

That’s that… I guess we will see where this road will take us.