Journal Entry 1

River/Future Shadow,

Briar gave me this journal to try to help me determine what is reality. When Briar first gave me this journal, I was already a little offended because she was calling me an animal. Well, yes, I was offended, but I was also confused. Am I just an animal? I am a tabaxi which resembles a much larger cat which is an animal. I never thought of myself as an animal, but maybe I am? Then I was offended because Briar gave me this journal because she probably thinks I am crazy and I need help… Maybe I do? After some thought, keeping a journal couldn’t hurt. 

I accepted the invitation to write in this journal, but I was then confused about the audience. Am I writing to my future self? That could be a good idea because I then can look back if I start to doubt events that occur in my life. However, I have a desire to start some communication with you, River. So, you could say that I am writing to us, the “us” that I believe existed at one point.

Future Shadow, I hope you are not completely insane and remember all the events that have occurred since that terrible day. 

River, long story short, I received a tattoo… I know what you are thinking but no that is not the tattoo that I am referring too ;) I received a mark of the pierced dragon on the medial side of my left forearm. It appears that I am part of a prophecy that pertains to the second order of the dragonlords. This prophecy also explained that there were tasks for us to fulfill. When I say us, I am referring to a group of others that also received the same mark as me. Their names are Flee, Actaeon, Torag, Briar, and Clio. I have to admit that I have traveled with this group that I have grown to love each one of them. Don’t get me wrong. There is a lot of bickering and fighting among us, but they are good people. I just hope that they just don’t disappear like you and Rare…

Anyway, we have completed 2 of the 3 tasks that were foretold in this prophecy, and we have just arrived in Necropolis to complete the last task. 

I love you, River, and I am so sorry for doubting your existence. But I have regained hope and I will find you. I will find you and Rare. 

Your black knight,