Fires have come to Humblewood, and the forest has been thrown into chaos. As flames ravage the land and leave countless people homeless, hope remains. Three heroes will rise up to defend the Woods. Only together can they quell the raging fires and bring peace to the realm.

Gaius, the Bandit Defector

Race: Mapach
Class: Rogue 1
Equipment: Rapier, Daggers
Loves: Candy

Qress, the Grounded Warrior

Race: Raptor
Class: Paladin 1
Equipment: Scimitar, Shortbow
Loves: Jewelry

Blinky, the Wind-Touched

Race: Strig
Class: Cleric 1
Divine Domain: Community
Equipment: Magic, Shield
Loves: Shiny Things

Journal (Episode List)

  • Part 1: Bandits and Bats October 5, 2020
    Have you ever been to Meadowfen, my friend? It’s one of the strangest, quaintest little towns you’d ever see. Though, I suppose, that’s not always the case. Meadowfen is typically quiet unless it is taken by cries for help and the smell of incoming smoke. The villagers of Meadowfen ran out of their homes to see ...