A simple map maker is released from required service in the Soulsu Army and sets out to find work. On the way, he comes upon a plot to capture and enslave the gods. Ronixis “Red” Virrona must take upon him a pact with a god to deliver the Heart of Valtare to the mysterious land of Missuk before dark and dreadful forces overtake the land.


Race: Half-Elf
Class: Warlock 3
Otherworldly Patron: The Hexblade
Equipment: Scimitar, Shield of Solsu, Military Crossbow, Pact Magic

Red was born in the land of Tridu, a place of lush forests and beautiful land in the northeast region of the country of Solsu. He never met his human father and was taken care of by his elven mother. Throughout his life, he loved to make maps and chart the lands. This became very useful to him when he was conscripted into service in the Solsu Army at twenty years of age. After completing his service in the Office of Cartography, Red began his journey home, looking for work to finance his travels. He still carries with him the armaments of war given to him by the army, but has learned magic thanks to his pact with the goddess Valtare. He uses it to fulfill her divine quest: deliver the Heart of Valtare to the Great Temple in Missuk.



Race: Halfling
Class: Monk 2

Corlee says she hails from a monastery somewhere in Idil and that she and her master have been traveling so Corlee can accomplish some important feat during a pilgrimage. She does not know much about this pilgrimage, though, and ended up lost between Noname and Fort Trine. She regularly visited a family of roadside merchants, wrestling with them for food and a place to rest. Eventually, Corlee met Red while watching him struggle to catch a fish. She offered to accompany him, assisting with the takedown of a cultist tower off the main road.


Race: Human
Class: Rogue 2

Alberich was camping in the Peace Plains in Solsu when Red and Corlee found him. They had been attacked by Death Dogs. Alberich came to their rescue and offered to let them stay at his camp for the night before joining up with them. He is from a noble family but chose to leave his home and adventure on his own. He had some former training in religious services and ceremonies and knows a few minor magic spells.

The Pantheon

  • Altee, goddess of love and peace
  • Carond, worshipped primarily by the southerners in Tielith
  • Demar, god of learning and building, respected greatly by the dwarves
  • Sebastian, god of cunning and trickery
  • Vanta, god of war and battle
  • Chreo, god of the natural order, usually associated with time and death
  • Dauch, god of fortune and prize
  • Covea, god of nature who helps creatures thrive in their respective spheres
  • Phibea, god of darkness, often called ‘The Spider’
  • Valtare, goddess of warmth and light
  • Solutte, god of dominion and power


  • Chapter 3: The Demon and the Traitor May 1, 2020
    Red opened his eyes. In his sleep, he had rolled over and was facing the window of Turtin’s cabin. Light came through the window, but only barely. He stood up and moved to the window. Strange, he thought. The sun was in the sky, but it was muted somehow. It was almost as if the ...
  • Chapter 2: A Town with No Name March 7, 2020
    As Red walked over to Corlee, he wondered what he would say. How would he explain that he just met a goddess, made a binding pact with her to take a magical heart north to a far away country, and was given a portion of her power as magic? Besides that, how could Red possibly ...
  • Chapter 1: Leaving the Ranks February 14, 2020
    The sound of the Office of Cartography was loud as ever as Red worked on his favored craft in the Solsu Army: the creation of maps, directions, and orders. He had been doing this service for most of his time in the army and the day he would be released from work had finally arrived. ...