Time is reckoned from the start of the adventure when Opal and Shanti accepted the job to assist Grove

1A messenger comes to the Hearthfire Guild at night to deliver the call for help. Opal and Shanti are assigned.
Cal and Sir Biscuit enter the caves below Grove.
2Conrad is separated from Tomi.
Opal and Shanti depart for Grove with Argo, and arrive by the end of the day.
They meet the Crane sisters and capture Tomi and his gang.
Tomi escapes at night.
3Opal and Shanti descend into the well. They meet Gibber, Cal, and Sir Biscuit.
Gibber leads the party to the aquifer. They remove E’thor’s experiment.
The group rests outside the caves and meets Conrad.
4The group returns to Grove, and Gibber returns to the caves.
Cal and Conrad stay in grove, but Biscuit joins Opal and Shanti.
The Hearthfire Guildmaster sends the group to investigate Prince’s Harbor.
5Hearthfire reaches the outskirts of Prince’s Harbor and stay the night in Gwynn’s research shack. They find E’thor’s notes on his second experiment, joyfruit.
6The Festival of Saint Isaac in Prince’s Harbor.
Hearthfire saves the town from Gwynn’s madness and poisoned joyfruit draught.
Trinity takes the party into her home for the night.
7Hearthfire enters the Neblina Forest with an unconscious Gwynn.
They meet Deng in the disguise of Tom the Talking Cat. He gives them instructions on how to reach the Druid’s Tower.
8Second day in the forest. Hearthfire acquires a golden seed from some fairies.
Opal and Biscuit see a vision of E’thor, Telynor, and Arpistis releasing Black Fog.
Gibber joins the people in Grove for a day.
9Third day in the forest. The party helps a pack of kobolds reclaim their sacred nesting grounds from a swamp drake and gain a silver egg.
Conrad and Cal certify that the water in Grove is potable once again.
Rose and Apollo depart for the Neblina Forest for medicinal herbs.
10Fourth day in the forest. The heroes get past Blind Sharkey and find the copper rose. Sharkey leads them to the Druid’s Tower.
Deng welcomes the party and explains the situation with the Black Fog, identifying E’thor as the developer of the dangerous experiments in Grove and Prince’s Harbor.
At night, Opal witnesses Deng ordering the culling of diseased trees.
11Hearthfire departs for Raven’s Glade. They meet Griba on the way.
They pass through the Dreamlands and help create a peace treaty between the Cats of Ulthar and the Zoog Tribe.
In a vision, Opal learns the origins of the Black Fog and how E’thor’s involvement may lead to a worldwide catastrophe.
Rose and Apollo arrive in the forest.
12Hearthfire meets up with Rose and Apollo, and the group travels together.
They meet Griba again, who leads them to Raven’s Glade. They are assaulted by E’thor’s minions before they arrive.
13Raven develops a cure for Black Fog. She sends Hearthfire to the Feywild to gather the first major ingredient.
Griba escorts Rose and Apollo back out of the forest.
E’thor’s minions attack Raven and enter the Feywild, but are defeated by Hearthfire.
14Hearthfire departs Raven’s Glade for Burrow Wood to find the second ingredient.
Raven and Griba head towards the Druid’s Tower.
15Raven and Griba arrive at Deng’s Tower.
16Hearthfire arrives in Burrow Wood and meet Tomi. They learn Carros, the Hearthfire Guild’s messenger, has gone missing. Piewright bewitches Opal. Opal later sees a green hag in town and chases it away, rescuing Tomi’s mother, Myla.
17Opal acquires the ee-tope seed from Myla. Piewright attempts to kill Hearthfire but is defeated. Hearthfire cleans up the infected fish by releasing E’thor’s third experiment, a captured otyugh. Piewright is arrested.
18Raven and Griba cannot come to the Vale, so they ask Hearthfire to go instead. At night, they meet Akios. Opal communes with the Sovereign and learns E’thor’s hideout is in Blackspire Manor.
19Hearthfire meets Griba at the Vale at night, but Griba has to return to Deng’s tower immediately.
20Hearthfire enters the Vale and meets Mavka, bound by the revived Iron Thane. They defeat the Iron Thane. Shanti is killed but revived by Opal. Mavka, released, disappears but leaves behind the red vitriol. The siege of the druid tower begins.
21The group makes its way back to the druid tower, gaining help from Shadowwalnut and meeting Tirpa and the survivors of the Azeban village. Opal meets E’thor but E’thor flees in a panic. Second night of the siege.
22Guildmaster Urick arrives in Burrow Wood and detains Piewright. Hearthfire arrives at the druid tower at nightfall. The Battle of the Neblina Forest. Raven finishes the cure for the black fog.
23Hearthfire departs the druid tower to find and apprehend E’thor.
24Opal convinces E’thor of the efficacy of the cure and he turns on the demon Ar’ek. Ar’ek is slain by Opal, and Hearthfire begins the return journey to the druid tower with E’thor, Arpistis, and a revived but still asleep Telynor.
25In the early hours, Arpistis finally awakens and promises to help Mavka rebuild the Vale.
26The group returns to the druid tower, and Deng forgives E’thor. E’thor promises to rebuild the forest and look after it. Telynor awakens and reunites with his husband.


  • Hearthfire journeys to Burrow Wood and finds that Guildmaster Urick has already left, having apprehended Piewright. Myla and the residents afflicted with Black Fog fully recover, but Tomi continues to travel with Opal for the time being.
  • In Prince’s Harbor, Gwynn revives his wife and daughter and administers the medicine to the entire town. Everyone makes a full recoverry, and Gwynn chooses to remain in the town with his family and his aunt, Trinity.
  • In Grove, the group breaks. Cal and Sir Biscuit return to Silverton and the Storm Hand guild, but Cal goes with Grace, with whom he had fallen in love. Tomi opts to stay in Grove to make amends with Rose and the town’s residents. Conrad takes his research and leaves to return to the Red Coast. Opal and Shanti return to Hearthfire.
  • A year later, the group reunites in Raven’s Glade for Deng’s funeral and memorial service.
    • Raven and Deng finally made amends before his passing, and he was buried in Raven’s Glade, his grave covered in the most vibrant of flowers, constantly attended by his wife.
    • E’thor had worked tirelessly with Telynor to fix the problems he had caused, including burying the ruined tower and assisting the reconstruction of the Vale. Deng passed his mantle of master druid to both Telynor and E’thor together, and the two of them, happily in love again, continued to serve the denizens of the Neblina Forest as long as they lived.
    • Griba stayed at Raven’s side for a while before moving to the druid tower, now allowed to learn druidism from the master druids. She began instructing Ayla in potion-making.
    • Mavka and Arpistis went to the Vale and spent the entire year beautifying it with new trees, grass, and flowers. The remains of the empire of the Iron Thane were utterly destroyed. E’thor eventually came to the Vale, too, and made amends with Mavka (though Mavka was still just as disagreeable with everyone)
    • Sir Biscuit and Cal continued to work as friends in the Storm Hand guild, but their work was often less dangerous than Biscuit ever expected. This was because of Cal’s betrothal to Grace and her desire to keep him safe and well.
    • Tomi ended up moving to Grove permanently, having fallen in love with and marrying Rose. The two of them are currently expecting a child.
    • Opal and Shanti continued traveling together in Hearthfire, both of them considered top tier members now. Their respite from the Battle of the Neblina Forest was only a few days before they were assigned new missions again. They are still considered some of the most powerful members of the guild, and people seeking help often ask for the “tall best friends” to aid them. After the funeral, Opal and Shanti together threw down the temple of the Thing That Should Not Be, replacing it with a small shrine to the Sovereign, the goddess who brought Hearthfire to the forest.

With E’thor redeemed, Telynor reunited with his husband, and the Neblina Forest purged from evil, the adventure closes with a fairy tale ending: they all lived happily ever after.