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Application Number: SM-13
Name: Shanti Ka’a
Title: Warrior
Previous Experience: Frontliner, False Moon Clan
Spells/Charms: None
Letter of Application: Attached
Letter of Recommendation: None (Guildmaster note: waived)
Special Notes: Probational Approval Only

Application Approval:

Urick Shasta

Urick Shasta, Guildmaster, Hearthfire

Letter of Application


I am Shanti Ka’a and I am applying to be an adventurer and member of Hearthfire. I am submitting my name and information for consideration because I feel that I would be very suitable for the position due to my experience, knowledge, and skills. I am very willing to learn new skills in order to fulfill the duties to perform as a member of Hearthfire. I am good with a hammer. I am good with talking to people. I am good with protecting. Thank you for giving me the chance to speak with you during an interview. I look forward to working with you as a member of Hearthfire.

Shanti Ka’a

Probational Approval Only


The enclosed application for the orc Shanti Ka’a is concerning. In her personal interview, Ms. Ka’a has shown clear prowess in weaponry, combat skills, and various forms of maneuvers. Her experience in the False Moon Clan is clearly top-notch. If that were the only requirement for acceptance into Hearthfire, I would have wholeheartedly given my recommendation.

However, there are things about Ms. Ka’a’s character that concern me. She has given me absolutely no reason to believe that she would prefer peaceful resolutions to conflict. Rather, she believes that when she wields her large hammer, everything is a nail. Nevertheless, Ms. Ka’a is unlike any other orc I have met or interviewed. Ms. Ka’a demonstrates contrition for her time in the False Moon Clan, indicating that she did not want to be a part of it anymore due to their bloodlust and desire for violence. Her orcish ways (specifically bloodlust and violence) are still prevalent, but are much less than expected.

Based on this and her apparent sincerity in wanting to join Hearthfire, it is my recommendation that her application be approved on a probational basis only. The typical probational period is four weeks. Further, it is my recommendation that she should not take any solo contracts at this moment. Perhaps she should be paired with the new peace cleric firbolg from the north. I leave that decision in your capable hands.



Khoumatum Windcloak, Director of Member Services, Hearthfire