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Application Number: SM-12
Name: Opal Linwood
Title: Cleric
Previous Experience: None (Guildmaster note: waived)
Spells/Charms: Guidance, Mending, Word of Radiance, low-level spells granted by the Sovereign
Letter of Application: Attached
Letter of Recommendation: Attached
Special Notes: None

Application Approval:

Urick Shasta

Urick Shasta, Guildmaster, Hearthfire

Letter of Application

To Whom It May Concern, 

Hi. My name is Opal Linwood. I’m from a lesser known area of the mountains far north of Burrow Wood. My family settled here many years ago and we raise animals for textiles such as wool on our small farm. We are firbolgs. We are pretty far removed from things here and very self sufficient. There is only my father Jasper, my mother Fana, my three sisters Ruby, Emerald, and Kate, and myself. I am the second oldest after Ruby. About a year and a half ago I took my vows to the Sovereign. My clerical affiliation is in the peace domain. 

I learned of your guild through a bard that we met traveling across our land. We invited him to dinner where he told us news of the world and the recent devastation to the southern coast from storms and how it was a good thing the Hearthfire guild could dispatch so many to help in such a short amount of time. I must say I was very enthralled to learn such a guild existed. My father is technically part of a weavers guild but he only meets with any of them about every five years. I also have learned of different adventuring guilds and while I am able to defend myself, I must admit that fighting is not my first reaction. To find a guild such as yours that dedicates its efforts to the relief of suffering, as well as the boon those in need is very exciting. I’m not sure what sort of application process there is but I wanted to send word as quickly as I could to find out what you need from me to become a member. 

While I am only 46 years old I must assure you that I am very responsible and level headed for my age. I am quick to learn and eager to please. I want nothing more than to bring peace where I can and to help others who are not in a position to help themselves. And though I know I will miss my family, as I have assured my parents I won’t let homesickness affect my work. I am typically the one that leaves if my father is unable, when we do have to go and trade with others in town and while the comforts of home are always in the back of my mind, the excitement of meeting new people and trying new things largely outweighs any hesitancy at leaving. 

I speak several languages including: Common (of course) Elvish, Orc, Halfling, and Giant. 

I look forward to your reply and the chance to work within your guild. Thank you so much!

Yours cordially,

Opal Linwood

Letter of Recommendation

Guildmaster Urick,

Greetings! My name is Alyndra Ercyne, high priestess of the Church of the Sovereign in Namland. I am writing this letter of recommendation for Opal Linwood to join as a full member and adventurer in the Hearthfire Guild of Starfall. I have known Ms. Linwood for approximately twelve years. As her religious leader, I have seen many examples of her kindness, generosity, strength, and talents and have long been impressed by her character, diligence, and work ethics.

Ms. Linwood has been both admired and respected by the Church of the Sovereign. She has consistently demonstrated an ability to rise to any challenge that she must face in her ministry and any other endeavors. She has completed her vows to the Sovereign and has received Her blessing. Opal is a gifted spellcaster, able to perform the Sovereign’s miracles with a great degree of acumen and ability. In addition, she is a capable warrior with training in a variety of combat skills. Above all, she keeps the peace domain faithfully.

To conclude, I would like to give my recommendation that Opal Linwood is allowed into the ranks of Hearthfire. She would be a great asset to your guild. If you have further questions regarding her abilities or this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Alyndra Ercyne

Alyndra Ercyne, High Priestess of the Sovereign, Namland North