Grove: A small town at the edge of the forest, approximately a day’s travel away from Starfall City. The population is about 60 people.

Prince’s Harbor: A larger town on the Sludgewater River. Once per year, the Festival of Saint Isaac takes place here, and the people celebrate by eating and drinking most of the day. At the edge of town is a temple to The Host, run by the town’s druid.

Neblina Forest: An ancient and very old forest. It was called the Greenfire Forest thousands of years ago and was the site of many dark rituals by cultists. The forest was cleansed by its first master druid, Neblina. The paths in the forest are magical, only appearing to those deemed worthy to cross its borders.

Old Ruins: An old temple full of traps and poisons. Most creatures avoid it as best as they can, and the master druids of the forest try to make sure the forest paths do not pass it. The Black Fog disease was here in a sealed coffer. A redeemed E’thor and his husband, Telynor, finally buried the ruins, never to be unearthed again.

Druid Tower: The home location for the Neblina Forest’s master druid. The tower is built of earth, clay, and stone. Telepathic messaging spells can only be cast from this tower, and the path to find the tower is magically hidden. Only those who find certain magical items can see this tower.

Raven’s Glade: A glade at the southern end of the forest where many medicinal herbs, plants, and fungi grow. There is an entrance to the Feywild here. The witch Raven watches over this glade.

Burrow Wood: A small farming community of halflings, dwarves, and humans.

The Vale: A valley region outside the forest, the realm of the dryad Mavka. It was formerly the center of the Empire of the Iron Thane until Mavka destroyed it.

Blackspire Manor: An old and ruined estate in the mountains, the home base for E’thor and the demons of Ar’ek.