Name: Opal Linwood
Race: Firbolg
Gender: Female
Class: Cleric 11
Divine Domain: Peace

Opal is a priestess of the Sovereign and a new member of the Hearthfire Guild. She comes from a family of firbolgs far to the north and has become one of the newest members of Hearthfire despite her young age. Opal prefers to solve problems through peace, but has the magical energy to protect herself and her friends in a fight. In the epilogue, she and Shanti continued to travel together, making friends and helping people wherever they went.

Name: Shanti Ka’a
Race: Orc
Gender: Female
Class: Sidekick 10
Specialty: Warrior

Shanti is the newest member of Hearthfire, only admitted to the guild a few days before the adventure in the Neblina Forest began. She was expelled from her tribe for her tendency to spare the lives of her enemies. Shanti’s brutish nature still comes out in combat, and her companion Opal has to occasionally tell her to hold back in a fight. As they’ve traveled together, Shanti has become fiercely loyal to Opal. In the epilogue, she and Opal continued working for Hearthfire, traveling far and wide together.

Name: Sir Biscuit
Race: Corgi
Gender: Male
Class: Sidekick 9
Specialty: Spellcaster

Sir Biscuit is an awakened dog, blessed by some powerful members of his guild, the Storm Hands. Biscuit gained magical abilities and wears a magical wizard hat to help him channel his power. Biscuit was the former companion of Cal de Vries until he met Opal and Shanti, becoming somewhat attached to them for their friendliness. Biscuit’s magic is more supportive in nature, but he can use his spells to defend his friends, too. In the epilogue, he returned to the Storm Hand guild with Cal.

Name: Tomi Redwood
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Sidekick 9
Specialty: Expert

Tomi is a ruffian from Burrow Wood who often goes out with some less-than-savory friends to relieve people of their goods and wares. He was hired by E’thor to watch and report on the events of Grove before being chased off by Hearthfire. Later at Burrow Wood, he joined Hearthfire as they attempted to cure the town of its illnesses. His reason was because his mother, Myla, was sick. Tomi is an expert at sneaking, stealing, and breaking into things he probably shouldn’t. In the epilogue, he moved to Grove, having fallen in love with Rose.

Akios A traveling star druid who divines the future from her many star charts. She warned Opal of danger at Blackspire Manor. Centaur ?
Apollo Rose's faithful hound. Apollo follows her and protects her, but is very friendly with Rose's acquaintances. Dog Grove
Ar’ek E'thor's patron and mentor who has been using him to amass power to burn the Neblina Forest. He conspired to kill E'thor and Arpistis once his power has grown enough, but was slain by Opal. Demon Blackspire Manor
Argo Wagon driver between Starfall and Grove. He makes runs between the two locations with his horse, Evangeline. Dwarf Starfall
Arpistis Former resident of the Feywild and adopted daughter of Deng and Riuying. When E'thor and Telynor disappeared, Arpistis when to consult with her sister, Mavka, but was abducted by E'thor. In the epilogue, she helped rebuild the Vale. Dryad Blackspire manor
Ayla A servant and housekeeper of Deng, hired in his old age as he couldn't take care of the tower on his own anymore. Ayla is extremely nervous around new people, but is an accomplished cook. She now serves Telynor and E'thor. Satyr Neblina Forest
Cal A novice wizard from the Storm Hand Guild, and an extremely inexperienced adventurer. He was apprenticed to Conrad briefly before returning to Silverton with Grace, with whom he had fallen in love. Human Silverton
Carros Hearthfire Guild's messenger. Carros travels the countryside to delivery goods and materials to Hearthfire members, often at the cost of his own safety. He was rescued from Piewright by Opal. Tiefling Burrow Wood
Conrad A powerful wizard from the Red Coasts, hired by Tomi to help observe Grove. Conrad abandoned Tomi when he learned the nature of the disease in Grove. He published a book on the Black Fog. High Elf The Red Coast
Delane The Mouth of Serafina, she strictly follows orders and serves the Cats of Ulthar. In the brokered peace treaty, Delane acts as a translator for the two groups. Human Dreamlands
Deng The master druid of Neblina Forest and a former druidic instructor. He considers his students his children and is very depressed when the family is separated by Black Fog. He is the husband of Riuying. Dark Elf Neblina Forest
E’thor A powerful druid who accidentally released Black Fog. His husband, Telynor, died from the disease and E'thor worked with demons on a cure. He was reconciled with the forest and became co-master druid with his husband. Human Blackspire Manor
Gibber Young goblin girl who left her clan after a leg injury. She happily lived in the caves below Grove until she was adopted by Rose and Tomi. Goblin Grove
Gleb Nightjar Nellie's "son" and an employee of Piewright. He was disguising himself as a halfling boy to avoid suspicion. Gleb was killed by Ozgomok. Gremlin Burrow Wood
Grace Rose's younger sister. Grace is a vegetable gardener and owns a magical cup of water. She is very pretty and often attracts suitors. She fell in love with Cal and moved to Silverton to be with him. Human Grove
Griba Raven's faithful assistant. Griba is a powerful sorcereress but has spent her entire life trying to curb her evil tendencies. She is perceived as wicked but in reality is extremely kind and gracious. Griba is a vegetarian. Hag Raven's Glade
Gwynn The druid leader of Prince's Harbor whose wife and daughter died from Black Fog. He contracted Black Fog himself but was later cured and revived by Raven. Later, he revived his family. Human Prince's Harbor
Henrik A brutish fairy with a chip on his shoulder. He challenged and subsequently lost to Opal in an archery contest. Fairy Neblina Forest
Iron Thane A tyrannical warlord who adorned its entire army and fortresses in thick iron. It was defeated years ago by Mavka, but later revived by E'thor. It was laid to rest once again by Opal. Unknown The Vale
Mavka Arpistis's disagreeable sister who once defeated the Iron Thane in the Vale. Later when E'thor revived the Iron Thane, Mavka was captured. She was later freed by Hearthfire. After saving Arpistis, they rebuilt the Vale and made it beautiful once again. Dryad The Vale
Nellie Nightjar A monster who was feeding on the sick people in Burrow Wood. Opal and Biscuit chased her away. She was slain by Griba. Hag Burrow Wood
Ozgomok Servant of E'thor who was commanded to assist Piewright. Ozgomok stayed in the Prattle Creek cave until discovered by Hearthfire. He was slain by Shanti. Demon Spider Burrow Wood
Piewright A sorcerer posing as a medicine merchant. Piewright worked for E'thor and helped create the otyugh experiment before deciding he would much rather make money selling fake medicines. He was defeated by Shanti and imprisoned by Urick.. Human Burrow Wood
Rek Sogu The elderly leader of a kobold tribe that Hearthfire helps while searching for Deng. He was injured greatly in the Battle of the Neblina Forest, but is ever cheerful and happy. Kobold Neblina Forest
Render Leader of the demon army at the Battle of the Neblina Forest. In the battle, he was banished by Opal. Demon Neblina Forest
Riuying Called 'Raven' by her friends. Riuying is a master alchemist and potion maker, and is the keeper of the gate to the Feywild. She was once the estranged wife of Deng. Raven is the developer of the cure for Black Fog. Wood Elf Raven's Glade
Rose Crane Grace's elder sister. Friendly resident of Grove, and the one who contacted Hearthfire for assistance. She collects medicinal herbs in the Neblina Forest. In the epilogue, she married Tomi and is expecting a child. Human Grove
Saorise The leader of the fairies in the Neblina Forest. Saorise is incredibly friendly. Her job is to protect the path to the druid tower, a job she takes far too lightly. Fairy Neblina Forest
Serafina Leader of the Cats of Ulthar, once upon a time at war with the Zoog Tribe. In the new peace treaty between them, the Cats of Ulthar promise to help water the Zoogs' farms. Cat of Ulthar Dreamlands
Shadowwalnut He was once infected by black fog but later cured by Opal. He tirelessly carried Hearthfire to the druid tower and took part in the Battle of the Neblina Forest. Treant Neblina Forest
Sheriff Gordo The sheriff of Burrow Wood who takes his job very seriously. He tries to act tough despite his advanced age and short stature. Halfling Burrow Wood
Telynor One of Deng's students and E'thor's husband, killed by Black Fog. Because of Hearthfire, Telynor made a full recovery and lived happily again with E'thor. He and E'thor became co-master druids of the forest. Half Elf Blackspire Manor
The Gardener A friendly caretaker of the Gardens, an organized and beautiful region in the Feywild. They love lavender oil. Their real name is Lor and they harbor a small crush on Opal. Eladrin Feywild
Tirpa The newly appointed chief of the Azeban Village after it was burned by Render. She and her people fought in the Battle of the Neblina Forest. Tirpa later reunited all the tribes of the Azeban and rebuilt their villages. Azeban Neblina Forest
Tomi A thief sent to observe the situation in Grove, defeated by Shanti. He escaped his confinement and disappeared, returning to Burrow Wood. There, he joined Hearthfire to help find a cure for his mother. In the epilogue, he married Rose and moved to Grove. Human Burrow Wood
Trinity A physician and former druid with her nephew, Gwynn. Trinity knows the Neblina Forest very well, having trained under Druid Deng years ago. She was kicked out of the Circle of the Land for secretly teaching Griba druidic magic. Human Prince's Harbor
Vox The leader of the Zoogs in the Dreamlands and a formerly an enemy of the Cats of Ulthar. Vox promised to protect the Dreamlands border as part of the truce. He was killed in the Battle of the Neblina Forest but was revived by Serafina. Zoog Dreamlands